Mate Hunt

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Leah and Romulus finished eating breakfast. “We need more food. You will go with me, however, remember what I told you earlier. Don’t try to run; you will not get far. Am I clear?” She did not answer. Romulus sighed. “I am not trying to be hurtful. I am telling you these things because I care, and I love you.”

When Romulus said those words, Leah lashed out. “Love!? Are you kidding me!? You kidnapped me against my will, and you won’t take me back to my grandmother! What kind of thing are you!?” She noticed Romulus cringe a bit; his eyes held a bit of sadness.

“You can say what you want. You can call me the most horrendous names in existence. Feel free if you like. That night, you were almost taken by another werewolf. You were not his mate, but he was about to take you either way. Tell me, what do you think would have happened?”

Leah did not respond, and he continued. “In our society, only males are born, and we become infertile by the age of thirty-five. When male werewolves almost reach that age, desperation takes over them. You could have been raped and forced to be with him. You would have been even more miserable. Have I even tried to rape or harm you?”

Leah did not answer again. Deep down, she felt at least grateful to him. However, her pride was not letting her admit it. Leah wanted to get back home, but her screaming was not getting her anywhere. “Fine, suborn dog!”

Romulus chuckled, and he held Leah’s hand. Before he opened the door to the house, he looked at her. “Don’t call me a dog. It hurts my feelings. You can either call me honey bun, my love, my everything, darling, or my world, but never a dog.”

Leah was surprised. She never thought a werewolf man that held so much intimidation would have a soft side. She wanted to squeal but held herself. “Whatever you say, dog.”

Romulus growled but opened the door, and both were outside. She looked around her, and she saw many houses surrounded by trees. The houses were made of wood and looked modern yet traditional combined. “What is this place?”

“It is the village where we werewolves and our mates live in. We live separately from humans. We don’t want our existence to be known, and it can put our species at risk. We can’t have the wrong people know about us, especially the government.”

“I see, makes sense.” The two kept on walking, and many middle-aged and older women were doing their chores, as were the men, who were werewolves. Romulus led her to a shop that was run by a couple and their three sons. Romulus motioned Leah to assist. The young woman thought it would be the right time to try to escape. However, Leah didn’t know her way around, and she didn’t want to risk facing the consequences.

She relented and assisted him with the shopping. While picking out some food, the owner’s sons were interested in her and asked her many questions. The youngest, who is 5, made comments on how beautiful she was. Leah giggled. Also, Leah thought about them growing up and taking part in kidnapping their future mates.

It was such a sad reality. Romulus paid for the food, and the two went on their way back to his home. “The little boys were so cute.”

Romulus chuckled. “They can also be a hassle. I can’t wait to have our children.


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