Mate Hunt

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There is a part of Romulus that regretted telling Leah the truth. He wanted to sweeten her up and make her fall for him, but now he slipped up and could not take it back. Leah began to walk back to the house, angry at his previous comment.

Leah is flabbergasted and angry. Angry that she had been taken away by force from the life she knew. Romulus expected her to have his children, something she wasn't ready for. On the other hand, she almost forgot about his soon infertility. A part of her couldn't blame him, but it was her life, and she didn't ask to be his mate.

People looked at the couple but soon looked away when Romulus gave them a warning glare. Without warning, he grabbed her by her arm and took her far from the village to have a little more privacy. He put the bags of food down. "Look, I know that I took you away from the life you were used to. I also know that I'm asking a lot from you, but believe me when I tell you that I do want you to be happy."

Leah bit her lower lip. "You expect me to be all happy and merry, but how could you ever expect that from me? How...How would you feel if you were kidnapped? Not knowing if you will ever see your family ever again?"

Romulus sighed. "If I were in your shoes, I would feel and think the way do at this very moment. I never asked to be born a werewolf, to have a cursed life like my forefathers. My mothers were human and were kidnapped. The want for love and happiness is what makes a werewolf's life worth living. I indeed took you for my selfishness, for my happiness. You can hate me, be angry all you want until my last dying breath. I will never tell you not to be angry, but I will take in all of your anger. I will take your pain and make it mine until there is none left in your heart. That is a promise."

Leah felt her heart flutter and beat in pain. It is as if all her anger went away. She sees his hand extended to her as if waiting for her answer. Little by little, her hand rose and held his. Romulus felt his heart flutter, and his face held out a smile. The two got the bag of food and continued on their way. The young woman was confused with herself. Deep down, she didn't know what she truly wanted. There was a part of her that didn't want to see him sad. It made her wonder if it was a mate thing.

All she knew was that it bothered her when she saw Romulus upset. They both made it back to their home. Romulus showed her where to put the food and showed her more around his home.

To her surprise, he had different game stations, DVDs, old movies, books. However, Romulus didn't have cable and the advanced technology that she was used to. It was because his kind had to be hidden, and they couldn't receive the luxuries as humans. Leah asked to be alone, and Romulus gave her just that. She laid on the bed, thinking of the possibilities of what could happen.

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