Mate Hunt

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A month went by, and Leah was beginning to get used to being with Romulus, but she couldn't deny that she still missed her family. She often wondered if they were still looking for her also if families were looking for their kidnapped daughters.

It would sadden her about the pain that many of the kidnapped women feel. There were times when Romulus would take her around the village, but he always ensured that he would go with her. She knew that he was afraid of her trying to leave. Leah couldn't speak with the other young women kidnapped, but she did communicate with the older ones. They seemed to be happy or were used to the lives they were forced into.

It made Leah wonder if all the women could go back and visit their families. She was so confused about what to feel and think, but what was certain was that Romulus and the male werewolves would never let them go.

At the moment, it was mid-afternoon, Leah asked to go outside and walk. Romulus joined her, and he got a hold of her right hand as they walked. They looked like a couple. Leah decided not to fight back; it was pointless. Both kept on walking until Leah stopped when something caught her interest. Romulus also stopped. Leah looked at a stand where hand-made dresses of many different colors were, but a long white dress caught her interest. The dress had a light brown belt in the middle; there were flower decorations on the bottom parts of the dress.

"Do you like it?" asked Romulus.

She blushed in response.

He chuckled. "How much?" he asked the elderly couple that was in charge of the stand. Both stood and gave a slight bow. "Two silver coins," responded the elderly man. Romulus nodded and gave them the payment. He was given the dress and then gave it to Leah. "You didn't have to."

He smiled. "I wanted to, my love. Besides, you have good tastes. I know you will look beautiful in it for the moon festival."

"Moon festival?"

"It will occur in three days. We pray to the moon goddess to give her thanks for our mates, and it gives us a chance to come together and be social."

They continued walking, but Leah was curious about something. "What about the ones who did not get their mates?"

Romulus sighed. "It would depend on the werewolf. At times, some werewolves don't have their mates do not arrive. Which reminds me, it can be dangerous."

"How so?" Leah asked nervously.

"At times, werewolves who don't have their mates would try to steal another's. However, I will not let another male take you. You are mine and mine alone. I would kill anyone who takes you away from me," he growled.

Leah felt his possessiveness when he put his arm around her waist. Romulus calmed himself. "Anyway, let's go on."

Leah could not stop thinking about the moon festival. She did not know why, but deep in her heart, she felt...afraid.

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