Mate Hunt

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Moon Festival

Three days went by, and it was time for the Moon Festival. Romulus was waiting for Leah in the living room. He wore a long-sleeved dark red buttoned shirt with a couple of top buttons undone. He also wore black dressy pants with dressy shoes. His dark hair was nicely combed and slicked back; he also had mild cologne on him. “Leah, we must leave. Are you almost done changing?”

“I’m coming!” he heard her respond. Romulus could listen to the door opening and closing and soft footsteps coming downstairs. When he saw her, his breath was taken away.

Leah is wearing the dress that he bought her. She put her hair in a nice bun and wore a necklace that he also bought her. “You look...beautiful...” said Romulus.

She blushed. “Thanks, you look good too.”

Romulus smiled, and he went to the kitchen and came back holding a crown of flowers. “I made this for you. In the moon festival, when a male werewolf finds his mate, he makes her something special; I hope you like it.” He walked over to her and put the flower crown on her head.

“It’s beautiful. Thank you, Romulus.” She touched the crown. Romulus extended his hand, and she gladly accepted, and both walked out of the home. The village was dark; only torches of fire lit their way. Many couples walked out of their homes and into the woods that surrounded this village. Many followed Romulus and Leah, and all walked deeper and deeper within the trees of the dark woods.

Many villagers walked on what seemed like an endless trail of the abyss. Then, there was a faint light, and as they all got closer and closer, they could see more people dancing or sitting near a large fire. Children ran and played. Leah felt a bit relieved but also noticed that some women looked her age. Many of them were either quiet, miserable, or excited. She realized that they were all kidnapped at the same time as she was.

She felt Romulus holding on to her hand tightly.

Both walked to festivities. Romulus introduced her to more couples that she never had the chance to meet and speak to. He then led her to the tables that held foods and drinks for the guests to eat. There were different types of meats, fruits, salads, soups, and various beverages.

The couple sat by another couple who were eating and were having a conversation. A group of men was playing music. It was music that she had never heard before, but it was soothing. Many couples were dancing with one another.

Leah finished her plate but still felt hungry. “I’m going to get more food. Do you want anymore?”

Romulus nodded. “I would appreciate it.”

The young woman got his plate and went back to get more food. Once she got what she needed, Leah was heading back. As she got closer, she bumped into a man by accident. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see where I was going.” She looked up to the man, and the man looked at her.

“What is your name?” he asked.

“Leah, and yours?”

“I am Remus; nice to meet you.”

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