Mate Hunt

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"I am Remus, and what is your name?"

"I'm Leah."

Remus motioned his hand to shake, Leah was hesitant, but she raised her hand and shook his hand. When Leah wanted her hand back, Remus did not let her go. She felt his hand holding hers, a bit firm yet with a sense of gentleness. "Um..."

Remus flinched a bit and let go of her hand. "Do forgive me; I got a bit carried away."

"No problem. So are you a..."

"A werewolf? Yes, I am."

"And do you have a...mate?" When Leah said those words, she noticed Remus' demeanor change.

"No...I don't..."

She did not know why, but she felt a hint of sadness within her heart. Of course, she was kidnapped herself, but she still felt terrible for Remus. "Sorry, I shouldn't have asked."

His demeanor did not change. "This was my last chance. I am turning thirty-five soon, I am to become infertile, and I will no longer be able to find a mate."

Leah felt her heartbeat for him. What a cruel fate for a werewolf to have. Sure, Remus may be a creature, but he still has a heart and the desire to have someone beside them. "I... I'm so sorry. I wish there were something I could do, but..." She was interrupted when she felt a firm grip on her waist. Leah is pulled beside a robust and muscular body.

Romulus. When Leah looked at him, his face held a calm expression. However, she felt anger radiating from his body. "Remus, I see you have met my mate."

"Indeed I have. You are quite fortunate to have such a beautiful and kind mate, cousin. Treat her well." With that, Remus walked away.

Both Leah and Romulus are left beside each other. Romulus got a hold of her and led her to a part of the woods, far from the festivities. "Why did you talk to him?"

"What do you mean? Shouldn't I talk to others?" asked Leah.

"To other women, yes. Men, no, especially unmated ones."

"Hey, I didn't know Remus was unmated until he told me. By the way, you are not the boss of me, Romulus! I can talk to whoever I want!"

Romulus did not like what she said. He motioned her far from the festivities and then pushed her to a tree. He got her hands and put them on top of her head.

Leah looked away as she felt his lips by her ear. His breath is tickling her ear. "You are mine. You are my life. You are my heart. You are my body. You are my everything. No other man will have you. I will never allow it! You are not to speak with another man." He got her face and forced her to look at him, and he put his lips onto hers.

They kissed. Romulus growled in the kiss, enjoying and savoring every moment. Leah felt her body tingling, the kiss to her felt as if it was a declaration that she was his, and he wanted her to know it and feel it. She also realized that the big bad wolf was jealous.

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