Mate Hunt

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Romulus POV

I was pissed.

Pissed at the fact that Remus would even dare to look or even speak to my mate! Call me jealous and overprotective, but that is the nature of a male werewolf. It is within us. Many of us have the desperation to find our mate. Once we do, we are downright jealous and possessive. Werewolves mate for life.

I kissed Leah with all my might to let her know that she belongs to me and me alone. In a sense, I felt I was marking her as my own, though technically, I haven’t marked her yet. That is a long process.

I loved feeling her body to mine. I felt my cock getting hard just by holding her. I felt Leah flinch and squeak within the kiss.

I stopped the kiss. However, Leah is still in my arms; my erection still did not go down. Leah’s face turned bright red, and she looked very adorable. “Pl-Please, let me go...”

“No, you are mine, and I like holding you this way,” I said in a teasing manner. When I looked at her, I would feel my heart skipping a beat.

“Romulus, this is embarrassing. Please.” As she squirmed, I could feel her move on my erect cock. I growled in want. A smirk came across my face, and I licked my lips.

My nose is on her neck, smelling her beautiful scent while growling. I could hear Leah gulp and hear her heart beat faster with our contact. “You smell so beautiful. Your skin is so soft. It turns me on.”

I lowered my legs and motioned my erect cock to her private. I knew she could feel me. I took a glance at her expression, and she looked embarrassed.

My hands began to trail to her waist and legs, so damn soft like I imagined them to be. I began to dry hump her, and I could hear her take deep breaths. “You affect me in many ways, my love; how I want to rip that dress off and see your beautiful body.”


“How I want to put my cock inside you, feeling you beneath me. How I want to show the depth of pleasure that you never felt before. How I cannot wait for the mating season.”

Leah flinched. “What are you talking about?”

I looked at her. “It is the time when all werewolves mate.”

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