Mate Hunt

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Romulus and Leah went back to the festivities, but Romulus held her closer to him. Many unmated males looked at her, and it angered him. Leah, on the other hand, was thoughtful. She could not stop thinking about the kiss and what Romulus told her about the mating season.

However, Leah was not ready to have sex, and she barely knew Romulus even though he seemed kind and gentle. Romulus led her to sit on top of boulders that were also close to the huge bonfire. Many werewolves, with and without mates, were gathering as well and took their seats.

This made Leah curious. "What's going to happen now?"

Romulus leaned close to her. "The elders are going to arrive, and they are going to make a speech."

Before Leah could ask another question, she and the others noticed the elders came to the festivities. Everyone stood. Romulus did the same and motioned Leah also to stand. The werewolves and their mates bowed; some were forced to. Romulus nodded at her, but Leah only bowed slightly.

There were about four male elders, and behind them stood older women, who were their mates. One of the elders motioned everyone to sit, which everyone did so.

"Fellow werewolves, we bid you all congratulations on finding your mates! To the new females, we all welcome you to our world. We, elders, know this is new for you, but you are our future! We are thankful and indebted to you. I know you all will be wonderful mothers to the next generation of werewolves."

"Mothers?" She could not believe her ears. The elders thought of the women as breeding machines. She hated this and hated to be treated and spoken to in such a manner. She looked at the other women, and many looked uneasy. Leah stood. "We never asked for this! We got kidnapped and have been taken away from our families and homes! How dare you!? We are not breeders! We are human beings and should be treated with respect!"

All eyes were on Leah, and many whispered among themselves. Romulus was also shocked, and he motioned her to sit and keep silent, but she moved away from him. The elders looked at her; some were amused while others were not pleased.

"You are the mate of Romulus, no?" asked one of the elders.

Before Leah spoke, Romulus stood. "She is my mate, elders. We will take our leave, my mate and I need to speak alone.

No one said a word, and the couple left. Leah saw Remus, who stood by a tree with his arms crossed as they were walking off. He looked at her with a smile on his face, and it was as if he admired her courage.

Leah and Romulus walked farther and farther from the festivities. Leah still felt anger but felt nervous now that she was alone with Romulus. She felt his grip; she knew that he was angry.

They entered the house, and Romulus then led her to their room, where he shut the door. Leah was let go and sat on the bed.

Neither said a word for a while, but Romulus broke the silence. "I know you are angry about what they said, but they are our elders and..."

"Your elders, not mine. I am not a werewolf."

"I know, but still, you are part of our life now, and you will be the mother of my children."

Leah got angrier. "Have any of you stopped to consider what we women feel and think!? All you think are yourselves! I feel less of a woman. Have you ever thought about what I am ready and not ready for?"

"Look, I know you are angry, but..."

"I can't take this anymore! I can't pretend that this is okay, Romulus! You are a, but we are too different. I think it is best that we...go our separate ways."

All of a sudden, Leah was no longer on the bed but the wall. Romulus held her by the shoulders, and his eyes turned pitch black.

He was angry beyond belief.

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