Mate Hunt

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Leah was pinned on the wall by her shoulders. Romulus was angry. His eyes were pitch black that which made him look inhumane. It scared her. She began to shake from the fear she felt. "R-Romulus?"

He gave out a slight growl. "How dare you? Why would you ever mention of leaving me alone?"

Leah's tears began to fall from her eyes. "Please let me go. You're scaring me."

However, Romulus did not let her go, but his grip on her lessened a bit. His heart felt pain. Leah's words created a deep wound in his heart. He felt rage. The thought of Leah leaving him was unbearable to him. However, when he looked at her and saw her tears. It tore his heart into pieces. Romulus never wanted her to fear him. His anger got the best of him. He let her go.

When Leah was free, she got away from him. She got to a corner of the room.

Romulus whimpered. "I-I'm sorry, Leah. I didn't mean to scare you like that."

She did not answer him.

He began to walk to her slowly, but Leah went to another corner of the room.

Tears began to form in Romulus' eyes. "Please, Leah, let me explain."

"Please, Romulus. Let me go. I want to go home to see my grandmother and my parents."

"I don't want you to leave me! I waited so long for you to have you by my side. I love you, Leah! I would die if you left." His tears began to fall.

Leah saw Romulus cry, it made her heart feel sad, but the want to go home still overwhelmed her. She was about to speak, but Romulus spoke.

"I-I can understand how you feel. I know I took you away from your home and everything you own. I am selfish. I will admit it to you, and I am sorry. However, try to understand my situation. I had been alone for so long; I was so desperate to find my mate. I never asked to be born in this life, like a werewolf. I didn't ask the moon goddess to make me infertile at a certain age. We got our lives. I want us to have a family someday."

It was silent between the couple.

"I-I will take you to see your grandmother."

This caught Leah's full attention. "R-Really?"

Romulus wiped off his tears. "Yes, I will let you see her, even though it is against the laws of our kind, but I want to see you happy."

Leah felt happiness in her heart.

"However, I have conditions."


"Once we see her, you will fully accept to be my mate. You will be mine until our last breath on this earth. Will you agree? If not, then you will not see your grandmother."

Leah's heartbeat became nervous. Her decision was going to decide the fate of her life. However, she could find ways of convincing him. "I-I accept."

Romulus smiled, walked, and hugged her. Leah did not move away.

"Since you agreed, there is something that I must do to seal our agreement."

She looked at him. "What do you-?" Leah did not finish her sentence. Romulus sunk his teeth to her neck. The impact made her body feel weak before she went into a dark abyss.


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