Mate Hunt

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The Shower

Romulus carried Leah to their bed in a gentle manner. He looked at the bite mark that he left her. There was a hint of satisfaction going through him as well as happiness, but also a sense of worry. Romulus was worried that Leah was going to get angry with him. However, since she agreed, there was nothing she could do.

They are one, well, until they are fully mated. Romulus laid beside her. It would take almost a full day for her to wake up. For a human woman, a werewolf’s bite is very overwhelming that it is nearly life draining. He closed his eyes, and sleep overcame him.

The Next Morning...

Romulus woke up before Leah. He got up and went to shower. The hot water hit his body, and it relaxed him. Romulus closed his eyes. The image of Leah came to him, and a smile came to his face.

Her white dress and long beautiful hair were all over the bed. Romulus then imagined her skirt being lifted, where her legs are seen as her maidenhood. Leah’s eyes were open, and she looked at him with a gentle smile on her face. She extended her hands, motioning him to go to her. “Please take me. Have me. Make me yours.” Her hand went to her chest and got a hold of the upper part of her dress, pulling it down. Her breast bounced out.

This excited him. He couldn’t take it. He...

He opened his eyes and breathed heavily. He looked around and realized that he was still in the shower. “A dream. I can’t believe I slept in the shower.” Romulus looked down and saw his cock erect. Veins were visible on his cock, and pre-cum was dripping from his head. “Damn, just by the image of her makes me excited. He didn’t want to masturbate when he was a few feet away from Leah. He put his arms and head on the shower walls, breathing heavily. “Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!” he told himself. He tried counting imaginary sheep or thinking of something else.

It was useless. He knew it was almost the full moon and the time for mating. Romulus was getting hornier each day. Since he had his mark on her, it would make his impulses stronger and worse.

“I shouldn’t have bitten her.”

His erect cock wouldn’t lessen down, and he put his hand on it and began to stroke himself. Romulus moaned, and he put his head on the wall. He would touch himself so many times before he met Leah.

He kept stroking himself and breathed heavily but quietly. “Leah. Leah.” Romulus would repeat her name many times. He would pretend that she was the one giving him the pleasure, and he was feeling close to his release.

He came on the shower wall. He looked at his cum that was dripping down and washed it off. “I hope what I have done was the right decision.”

Romulus came out of the shower, dried himself, and changed. Waiting for Leah to awake.

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