Mate Hunt

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The day turned into darkness, and Romulus sat beside Leah all day. He was dressed in a black t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and dark shoes. He sat on a chair beside the bed his mate slept on. He looked at the clock; it was seven at night. She would be awaking at any moment.

Leah began to open her eyes. She touched her head. “W-What happened?” Slowly she began to sit up and looked around as her sight was becoming more apparent. Then, she stopped as she set her eyes on Romulus. She backed away from him. “Y-You! What did you to me!?”

He stood up as put his hands on his pockets. “I made you permanently mine.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I marked you.”

Leah sat; confusion overwhelmed her. She did not know what he meant or what occurred. She felt a bit of pain in her neck. Leah touched it and felt bumps. That was when she remembered what had happened. Romulus bit her. “You bit me! You bit me!”

Romulus nodded, a small smile came on his face. ” I did.”


“I made you a promise that I was going to take you to your grandmother, but I know you are quite intelligent. Once we leave, you will try to find ways to escape, and I could not let that happen, so I bit you.”

“Why was that even necessary?”

“When a werewolf marks his mate, they are connected. They can sense one another even from afar. If you did try to escape, I would be able to know exactly where you are and where you are headed. Yet that is not all. I can sense your emotions and even read your mind.”

This horrified Leah. “You can read my mind!?”

“Yup, but I will teach you how to block me. I do not want to take away all your privacy. I know you would want your independence.”

Leah felt trapped. Romulus was too quick for her. It showed her that he genuinely was desperate to have her by his side. He would never let her go, even if she asked.

“I know you are mad, but look at the bright side. You will be able to see your grandmother. At least I am nice about that. If you had another male wolf, he would not have let you see the light of day or your world. We can be very possessive. Now, get ready; we will begin to leave momentarily.”

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