Mate Hunt

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Leah was infuriated beyond doubt, but on the other hand, she was a bit grateful that she was going to see her grandmother.

It was the night at the moment; Romulus told her that it was best to leave. Both are out of their home and had to sneak out of the village.

Romulus was very skilled in sneaking away. He carried Leah bridal style. As they went through many homes, Leah couldn't help but hear certain noises from many homes.

Groans and moans.

Many couples were having sex. Leah would put her hand on her ears and close her eyes.

Romulus noticed, and a slight chuckle came out of his throat. He, too, heard the sounds coming from the homes of his brethren. The full moon was almost arriving, and many were restless. Their need for their mates is too great that they could not wait for the day to come and start to mate with their partners. He had to admit that he wanted to mate with Leah, but he wanted their first time together to be very special.

He ran as fast as he could. Romulus did not want to risk getting caught. There would be consequences if both he and Leah. However, he knew Leah would get restless if she could not see her grandmother.

He did this for her.

They got to a river with a waterfall. Romulus said a few words and went inside.

Both got wet from the water.

"Why are we in here?" asked Leah as she held onto Romulus. The waters of the waterfall were too loud to speak aloud, so she decided to remain quiet. It was very dark, and she could not see him even though he was close. She held on closer to him as she felt a bit nervous. There was a part of her that trusted him.

As Romulus kept on walking. The couple was getting farther from the waterfall, and there was a light at the end of the tunnel. He got through the end, and both were outside.

Leah looked up at the night sky and then looked ahead of her; they were by the forest. "Are we...?"

Romulus gave out a gentle smile. "Yes, love. We are in your world now, just as promised." He kept on walking without letting Leah down.

"Romulus, I can walk, you know."

"I know, but it can be dangerous out here. I don't mind carrying you until we are in a safe zone."

Surprisingly, Leah did not protest, and she let him hold her.

Both did not say anything. However, the couple felt content, happy, and warm in each other's embrace under the moon.

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