Mate Hunt

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It was now morning, and Romulus was awake. He felt its warmth refreshing. Romulus looked beside him, and a smile crept on his lips.

Leah slept soundly beside him.

Romulus felt his heart flutter as he felt his mate close to him. For so many years, he always felt the air of loneliness. Every night he would sleep alone with no one to hold on to. It was such a sad existence. Romulus would have taken his life without hesitation if he didn't find his mate when he turned thirty-five. Now Leah by his side, he felt that his life finally had meaning.

Slowly, Leah opened her eyes and stretched. "Is it already morning?" she asked.

He nodded. "It is. Good morning, my love."

"Morning." Leah sat up and felt the cold morning chill. "Are we almost there?"

Romulus smiled. "Yes, my love. We will almost arrive at your grandmother's house. First, let's eat breakfast."

"But what are we going to eat?"

Romulus closed his eyes and moved his ears a bit, and without warning, he used his speed to go to many of the trees.

Leah was in shock at his pure speed. About a couple of seconds later, he returned with things on his arm. "What do you have there?"

Romulus smiled and showed what he held. "Eggs."

"Eggs? Where did you get them?"

"The trees, many birds lay eggs, but I made sure to choose the ones without chicks."

Romulus cooked the eggs, and Leah could not stop but notice how attractive it made him look. After he was done, he got a piece of cooked egg and motioned it to her lips.

A blush came across Leah's cheeks. Leah ate the piece of the egg, as did he.

Both ate with a bit of conversation between them.

Minutes later, they finished their breakfast, they began to move.

"You know, if you are super fast, then you could take us to my grandmother."

"I like the time we have together; life is short, it is no use of going fast."

Leah giggled.

They both kept on walking through many trees and hills. When Lea got tired, Romulus never hesitated to carry her in his arms. Morning turned to the afternoon, and then Romulus stopped.

Leah looked ahead. Her heart pounded in anticipation.

They both saw the village, but what they noticed, it seemed...empty. However, they walked towards it, not having the nervous feeling leave their hearts.

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