Mate Hunt

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Romulus and Leah walked to the village. There was no one in sight.

Leah was worried that her grandmother was gone or worse...dead.

As for Romulus, a part of him was relieved that there was no one in the village. It meant that Leah had no other reason to leave him. She would be his and only his.

They kept on walking until Leah's grandmother's house was seen. Without warning, Leah ran toward the house. However, Romulus was quicker and got to her, holding her by the waist. "Remember our deal, my love. We are only here to visit, and we are going back home." His face got closer to hers. "Don't speak things she does not need to know. Understand?"

Leah could sense of possessiveness in his voice. She gave out a small sigh. "Promise."

The two got in front of the door, and Leah opened it. The house was dark; there was no sound.

There was nothing.

"It seems that your grandmother is not here. We must leave," said Romulus.

"Wanting to take my granddaughter away again?" said a feminine voice.

Both flinched and looked in the bedroom's direction; it was Isla.

"G-Grandmother! You are okay!" Leah got out of Romulus' grip. Both women hugged.

Romulus felt irked that his mate was hugging another, even if it was her family.

"I thought you were hurt," said Leah.

"I am here and alive." Isla glared at Romulus. "Did he...?"

"I didn't hurt her if that is what you are implying."

Leah could feel the tension between her grandmother and Romulus. "I am here now and wanted to see that you were okay. By the way, what happened to the other people of the village?"

Isla sighed. "Many of them left and went to the city; they are still investigating the disappearances of their daughters, their children." She then glared at Romulus. "You werewolves always cause trouble! Breaking families."

Romulus felt annoyed. "Like you know how we feel and what we have to live through. The women are well and safe. We love and cherish them. We-"

"Love and cherish? Do all of them think of their mate's happiness? Would you even allow them to see their families? Throughout your kind's history, not one woman that had been kidnapped has returned. You werewolves are monsters!"

Romulus was getting angry. "How would you even know us!? You-"

"I have lost my daughter to your kind!"

Leah was stunned. "What?"

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