Mate Hunt

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Hard Truth

Everyone was silent in the house. Leah walked forward. "What do you mean, your daughter? I thought my mother was your only child."

Isla shook as she slowly sat on the nearby sofa. "I never told anyone. Not even your mother knew that she had an older sister. My eldest, Felina, was sixteen at the time."

Leah was in shock, as was Romulus.

"I remember how Felia was, so young and beautiful. She was beloved by many and was so innocent. She was timid around men but was very focused on her education. Many men would ask her out, but she would refuse them all. Yet one day, everything changed."

"It was the mate hunt, wasn't it?" asked Romulus.

Slowly, Isla glared at Romulus. "Mate hunt. You and your kind have no shame! Stealing girls away from their home, their families, and their futures!"

Romulus was getting annoyed. "We don't hurt them! We provide everything they need. We love them until our last dying breath! Something you humans have trouble even within your kind!"

Isla stood, and Leah got closer to her grandmother, afraid that she would do something that she might regret. "Love!?" Isla gave out a laugh. "You lie; my daughter was found dead! Your kind killed her!"

Leah and Romulus were aghast. "W-What are you talking about, grandmother!?"

Isla turned as she put her arms around herself. "That night, Felia was kidnapped by a werewolf. I will never forget her screams when she asked for my husband and me. Many of us of the village never found our daughters; my husband and I never gave up. We looked for months until it turned into a year. Until...she was found." Tears formed in the elder's eyes. "A man brought her to us, and he said that she was found in the mountains. The werewolf scratched her so terribly that she was almost unrecognizable. Yet, I will never forget that man; he looked distraught. I tried to find him, but I have never seen him again."

Romulus then flinched. "You said your daughter's name was Felia, correct?"

Isla merely nodded.

"I remember hearing her story from my father."

Leah and Isla looked at Romulus. "I remember that Felia was taken by one of ours, by my uncle."

The two women were shocked. Isla was about to speak, but Romulus beat her to it. "My uncle was thirty-five at the time, and he was thrilled that he found her. My uncle truly loved her even though she was afraid of him. Little by little, she began to grow accustomed to us, but then something happened."

Isla trembled.

"There was another werewolf that was already thirty-five and desired her for himself. He kidnapped her, but my uncle, Commodus, tried to rescue her. The two rivals fought. My uncle was almost killed, but Felia intervened and took the impact. She died as a result. From what my father told me, he took her back to her family, and he wasn't found until a couple of months later."

"What happened to him?" asked Leah.

He gave out a sigh. "My uncle committed suicide because of his mate's death."

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