Mate Hunt

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All three occupants stood silently. The crackle of the fire was the only thing that everyone heard. However, Isla broke the silence. "He committed suicide?"


"Why? He could have found another woman. That is expected in your kind!" she snapped.

Romulus growled so loudly that the two women felt vibration throughout the entire house. "I know you feel pain for losing your daughter, but don't be too quick to judge our kind! My uncle committed suicide because he loved your daughter."

Isla trembled in anger, and Leah noticed. She got a hold of her grandmother and motioned her to sit. "That is enough, you two! I think it is best that we all rest."

"That dog will not sleep in my house! All the other houses are empty. He can sleep in one of the houses of the families that suffered the pain of losing their child."

Romulus was about to respond, but Leah looked at him and shook her head. He growled and left the house, leaving granddaughter and grandmother alone.

"Grandmother, why didn't you tell me?"

"It's something I don't like talking about; no one would have believed me or your grandfather, especially your parents." Isla was silent for a while. "Did he hurt you?"

"He scared me a bit since he kidnapped me but never actually physically caused me any pain."

Isla took hold of her granddaughter's hands. "I'm glad you are safe and alive. I had to lie to your parents about your disappearance, and now you came home."

Leah sighed. "Now it's complicated, grandma. Now that Romulus is in my life, I am not sure that things will be as they were once before."

"You're not thinking of going back with that monster!"

Leah felt irked that her grandmother called Romulus a monster. He risked his life for her to visit her grandmother. "He's not a monster grandmother."

The older woman's eyes became wide. "He took you away from your own will! He-"

"He brought me here to see you, something that is against the laws of his kind. Something he could get in trouble for!"

"He is only doing that just to get through your head."

"Enough!" Leah snapped at her grandmother. "I'm sorry that my aunt was lost. There are always two sides to each story. We don't know how she felt when kidnapped and towards the werewolf who took her from her livelihood. Romulus' uncle brought my aunt back to you. I don't see that as selfish; I find that as an act of love." Leah stood. "I'm going to Romulus; I will see you in the morning."


The young woman stopped and eyed her grandmother. "I'm curious about something. You knew about the mate hunt, and you seemed to know when it occurs. If that was the case, why didn't you try to stop me from coming?"

The older woman opened her lips but didn't respond.

Leah glared at her. "You will never tell me your reasons, and that's up to you. I gotta go."

Isla was about to stop her, but Leah quickly got out of the house before her grandmother could stop her.

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