Mate Hunt

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Leah got out of the car and walked to her grandmother.

Her grandmother, Isla, is sixty-five years old. She has shoulder-length hair that is gray but with a sense of elegance. Her eyes are dark gray, her lips are youthful pink, and her skin is light. Her appearance gives a sense of elegance and mystery.

"Grandmother! It has been so long!" Leah hugged Isla.

Isla smiled and hugged her granddaughter. "Leah, it has been too long. I have thought so much about you. I am happy that you are finally here. Come, let us get your things and go inside the house."

Both granddaughter and grandmother helped one another with the belongings and put them inside the house. The house is medium-sized, made of wood. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen is small and traditional. Instead of having a stove and other machinery, there is a fireplace with pots, cauldrons, wooden plates, spoons, forks, and cups. Family pictures are hung on the wall—plants by the windows and two sofas in the living room with a tiny old television.

"This place has not changed a bit, grandmother."

Isla is in the kitchen preparing tea and some cake for both. With the tray in her hands, she walked to Leah and served tea, cake, and some for herself. "Of course, I have not changed my home, it has been in our family for generations, and I want to keep everything the way it is. It is the history of our family and a tiny part of this country's history.

Leah got her cake and began to eat it as she drank sips of her tea. "Grandmother, I noticed that there are not many people in the village as I remember."

Isla sipped her tea quietly as she looked at the fire. "So many things have changed, Leah. Many families began to move away from their homes."

"Why? I remember how many people lived here with pride, and now they moved away from their livelihood?"

Isla put her cup of tea down on the tray and looked at Leah. "Do you remember the many stories I have told you?"

"Yeah. You used to tell me so many stories of mythology and so many legends. I loved hearing your stories."

"Would you believe me if I told you that some mythologies were true?"

Leah sat still. "What do you mean?"

"My child, there have been attacks that occurred here and in many villages throughout the years. Many young women have been kidnapped and never seen again."

Leah began to feel a bit nervous. "Kidnappings? Has there been an investigation?"

"On the first year of kidnappings, there was an investigation, but it stopped when eyewitness told them what they saw."

"What did they see?"


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