Mate Hunt

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Back in the Werewolf Village...

Remus felt confused. Leah wasn’t home, and neither was his cousin Romulus. Where could they have gone? He asked many in the village of their whereabouts, but no one saw them. That was two days ago.

Remus sat on top of a tree branch, thoughtful. He was wondering where they could have gone. He knew his cousin’s schedule and wanted to visit Leah privately. He wanted to try to convince her that Romulus was not the right choice.

Yesterday, he went back to their house and went into their room. It was wrong of him, and he knew it but didn’t care in the slightest. In there, he still could smell a faint of Leah’s scent in her clothing and bed. Remus growled at the thought of her. Shamelessly, he laid on the bed and wondered if his cousin had the opportunity to lay with Leah yet.

The thought of laying naked on the bed for Romulus made him angry. However, the image of her in her glory made him hard. It has been a while since he laid with a woman, and he slept with many of them. Now he misses a woman’s touch.

Remus remembered when he touched himself that day, imagining Leah wanting him. He shook his head and took out a piece of clothing he got from the house. Remus smelled it once again, smelling her scent, and then something came to him. He could not smell their cousin in their world. It was as if they were no longer within the werewolf world.

That was when it hit him. He stood up from his seat. Romulus has broken one of the most sacred laws of the werewolves. Once they have a mate, he and his mate are no longer allowed to return to the human world. If the law is broken, it would mean death. However, if Remus told the council of the news, he could ask for anything he desired.

He could even ask for his cousin’s mate to be his.

The werewolf knew that he would be betraying his cousin, his only family, but deep down, he felt entirely selfish. Remus sighed, but he always felt envy for Romulus. He was strong, confident, and everything he wanted to become. As for Remus, he had always been the unlucky one.

That was when Remus decided he would go to the werewolf council and explain everything, for he knew it was his chance of happiness.

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