Mate Hunt

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Romulus and Leah left Isla's home. Leah felt terrible for leaving her grandmother, but she couldn't leave Romulus. It was already mid-afternoon, and Romulus changed in his werewolf form. With his new form, it was much faster for them to go back to the werewolf world.

They both passed many trees and mountains, but she knew that Romulus was cautious. Leah felt peace as they were passing trees, mountains, or were in mid-air. She felt safe and warm being with Romulus.

They were almost there.

A couple of hours later, they made it to a waterfall and entered. Romulus changed back into his human form. He was nude.

Leah let him go and handed him his clothing. She looked away and blushed at the sight of him. "You can look, my love. It's not like you haven't seen this before."

"I-I want to respect your privacy! That's all!"

Romulus merely chuckled. He put on clothes and then held his mate's hand. They walked within the path until they saw the light at the end of the trail. They made it to the other side and made it to the werewolf world. Nightfall had already hit, and they saw the villages from afar.

"Let's go, my love; we must be careful," said Romulus. He then carried Leah, bridal style, and ran through the forest towards the village. He let her down, and both walked to the village, the houses were lit, but there was no one in sight.

Romulus felt uneasy, as did Leah, but did not mention it. They kept on walking through the streets towards their home. They got closer and closer, but Romulus stopped and held onto Leah.

"What's wrong, Romulus?"

"I sense something in our home."

Leah held Romulus and felt nervous.

All of a sudden, werewolves appeared around them, and others came out from their home. Romulus held Leah closer to him and growled. "What is the meaning of this!?"

None of the other werewolves answered, and then, a couple of four older men walked forward. All were not happy. "Romulus, we have been told that you and your mate have broken the law of our kind! You know that once a werewolf finds a mate, they are no longer allowed to go back to the human world!"

Romulus growled, and Leah felt afraid. "None of you have proof that my mate and I broke the law!"

Another elder spoke. "That is where you are wrong. Another told us of your absence."

Leah gasped, and Romulus flinched. "Who!?"

Then, the couple heard footsteps. Leah and Romulus were shocked. "It can't be! Remus!?"

Remus stepped forward. "Yes, cousin. It was me."

Romulus could not believe his eyes. "No, it can't be! Why would you-!?"

"You broke the law, cousin. Nothing more. You could have put our world in danger."

Another elder stepped forward. "Since Remus informed us of the news, we would grant him anything he desired. All he asked is for your mate."

Leah was horrified, while Romulus was outraged. "No! I will not let any of you take her away from me!"

Then, the other werewolves got a hold of Leah and Romulus, separating them both from one another. Leah screamed as she was being taken away and Romulus was tied. His eyes never left Leah as she was taken farther. He then glared at his cousin, the one who he trusted. "Remus!"

Remus said nothing. He turned and walked away. Romulus struggled to get out of his brethren's grip, but it was no use. His brethren overpowered him.

All he thought was his mate! His mate! "LEAH!!"

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