Mate Hunt

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It was dark and silent. Leah was in a cell as her hands were chained. Deep down, she felt lost and scared, but most of all, she feared for Romulus.

When the werewolf guards took Leah to the prisons, she screamed and fought against those who were apprehending her, but she knew, in the end, it was worthless. It was three hours until they were caught, but it felt like an eternity. The young woman sat alone in her thoughts until she heard a door open of the prison. She stood up but could not move far because of the chains.

Footsteps or her coming closer to her cell. Deep down, Leah prayed that it was Romulus. Then, she saw one person that she did not want to see. "What are you doing here, Remus!"

Remus was silent for a while. "I wanted to see how you were doing."

Leah glared at him. "To see how I'm doing? How dare you come before me after what you have done! You betrayed us!"

"Betrayed you? That you are mistaken. Both of you broke the laws of our people."

"Romulus shouldn't be punished! I pressured him to take me home!" Leah hugged herself. "If anyone should be punished is me, not Romulus!" She felt tears form in her eyes. It was silent between the two.

"I did as the laws of my kind stated."

Leah shook her head. "Bullshit!"

Remus eyed her carefully. "I will tell you the truth. I'm jealous of my cousin."


"Yes. He has you, his mate. Look at me; I have no one by my side. The moon goddess has been cruel to me. She hasn't given me any, mate. How come not I? What have I done not to earn someone to love? Why?"

Leah was silent. It was clear to her now that Remus just wanted a mate. That was when she thought about it carefully and came up with the realization that Remus wanted more.

"Yes, Leah. I turned your both in because I know I will get something in return, you. It is you who I want; it's what I have always wanted my entire life."

"You are sick in the head, Remus! Do you think that I will love you or even want to be with you! I love Romulus, and I rather die than be with you!"

There was no emotion in Remus' face. "You can hate me all you want. To me, your anger and hatred don't matter. As long as I have you by my side, that is all that matters to me. Besides, I have until the end of our days to make you love me." Remus was about to leave, but Leah stopped him.

"Where's Romulus!?"

He did not answer, and he walked out of prison.

Leah tried to get out of the chains, but it was worthless. "Romulus!"

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