Mate Hunt

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Trial Pt.1

A Week Later...

The werewolf community heard of Romulus and Leah's doings l. Everyone in the community headed to court. All had to attend. The elders wanted the werewolves and their mates to see the consequences of breaking the law.

Romulus was taken out of his cell. He only had his pants on, which were ripped and dirty. His body was filled with scars and bruises of the beatings he received. The week has been hell for him, not because of the physical pain but because of the pain of not being with Leah. Romulus didn't know if she was alive. The guards wouldn't speak to him about his mate.

Now he was being taken out of his cell and outside the prison. Many citizens saw him and his condition. Many of the werewolves and their mates looked at him with either pity or disappointment. It didn't matter for Romulus; all he wanted was Leah.

The young werewolf was being taken away from the village to a path that led towards a sizeable stone-made building that looked medieval. The outside of the building was only lit by torches of fire that other guards held.

The guards opened the heavy wooden doors and led Romulus inside. The interior was shrouded by a bit of darkness; only the torches of fire lit the way.

It seemed like one would walk to an endless path to the abyss.

Once the doors were opened, there was a vast room that had ample space. There was a substantial stage-like platform with three large chairs in the middle of the stage. On the right side, there were wooden benches where others could sit to see the trial.

His brethren led Romulus inside, and then the villagers followed. The male werewolves were also with their mates and held them close as they went inside to get a spot for themselves.

Romulus had his hands chained to the ground, making him unable to move. As more of the villager got inside the courthouse, Romulus saw his cousin. Remus entered, walked up to the stage, and stood by the chairs. Romulus glared at his cousin with so much hate and rage. He growled at him, but Remus paid no attention to him.

When all the villagers entered, everyone heard footsteps coming into the courthouse. Romulus looked at the entrance, and his eyes became filled with relief. He saw Leah in a plain long-sleeved white dress. Her hair was longer and in disarray. The guards led Leah inside, and tears formed when she saw Romulus. She tried to go to him as Romulus tried to go to her. The guards got a hold of them to keep them to their place.

The couple's hands were shackled, and the guards connected the chains to the ground. The two looked at one another with relief and joy to see one another. However, their small joyous occasion was interrupted when one of the guards commanded that all the witnesses rise.

Four elders entered the courtroom and took their seats.

The trial was about to begin.

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