Mate Hunt

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Trial Pt.2

Marcus and the other elders, Francis, Beimount, and Demious, sat in their respective seats. Far from them were their mates who sat in their seats that were apart from them. "You may all take your seats," said one of the guards.

The werewolves and their mates did as they were told. All were silent. The elders eyed Romulus and Leah with such disdain and disappointment. Leah looked at the elders; she never thought that they looked so intimidating. However, she would glance at Romulus, whose eyes never wavered from the elders.

He was fearless.

"Romulus, you and your mate have broken many laws of our kind. You perfectly knew that it's against our laws to leave to the human world! The only reason why our kind goes to the human world is to find our mates, so our species can prosper!" said Marcus. His voice was loud and full of authority.

Romulus glared at the elders. When he was a child, he was raised to believe that the elders knew everything and thought of the greater good of their kind. The elders were needed to keep stability, but they exaggerated everything that went against their beliefs.

"You have also put our world at risk for returning to the human world! It would have been catastrophic!" yelled Elder Demious, 59.

"Do you know what could have happened!?" asked Beimount.

Then, the elder Francis, who was the youngest of the elders, 44, spoke. "Romulus, what was your reason for leaving to the human world?" he asked gently.

Romulus looked at elder Francis, who was the most understanding elder among them. Even though he was young, he was still considered wise. "Elders, I only thought of my mate's well-being. Since her grandmother is elderly, my mate was very worried. I couldn't stand to see her in such a state."

Marcus pounded on the side of his seat. "That was the only reason!? Do you realize what you have done!? Someone could have followed you! Your mate's grandmother could tell others of our location!"

The onlookers spoke to one another.

"Silence at the court! Silence!" ordered the guards.

All were silent once again.

"She already knew of our kind before the mate hunt, elder Marcus!" yelled Romulus. "My uncle took her daughter away! Her name was Felia!"

Gasps were heard throughout the court. The elders, including Remus, were shocked. "You all know the story. Our laws have caused so much pain and suffering, especially to our mates! We have taken our mates from their families. The families' only wish is to be reunited with their daughters or at least know that they are alive!"

The elders were shocked that Romulus raised his voice at Marcus.

"Elders." Everyone was silent, and all eyes were on Leah. The young woman looked at Romulus and then at the elders. "Romulus only thought of my well-being, and I then realized that he truly loves me. If anyone is to be blamed, it is me. I don't want Romulus to suffer because of me. Please, punish me if you have to."

Romulus immediately looked at Leah. "No! She is not to blame. Punish me or kill me if you must, but please keep Leah from harm's way! I will take all the blame!"

Remus then stepped in. "Elders, Romulus has broken our laws. Leah does not have much blame since she is just a human who is ruled by her emotions! Romulus should have known better!"

"Enough! The other elders and I will try to come with a verdict. All should come back within the hour, and it will be done," said Elder Marcus.

All three elders stood and left, as did the witnesses. The guards took Leah and Romulus to their cells to await their verdict, and Remus stayed behind.

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