Mate Hunt

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Romulus and Leah were in two separate cells that were opposite from one another. Both of their hands and legs and chained so none of them could try to escape. The two looked at one another; both were worried for the other's well-being.

"Leah, I am glad you are safe and well. I just wished that you didn't defend me in that trial. I am more concerned about your well-being and your freedom." said Romulus.

The young woman looked at her mate and was saddened by the look of his appearance. He looked destroyed. "Why shouldn't I? You are my mate and my love. If you were in my position, you would have done the same thing. You and I are no different when defending the one they love."

The two stood up, and even though they were in different cells and were chained up, they walked up the farthest they could to get a good look at one another.

Leah began to tear up. "This is all my fault! I shouldn't have pressured you to take me to my grandmother's. I risked everything because of my selfishness. I'm so sorry, Romulus!"

"Please don't cry, my love. It pains me to see you cry for something so small. You're not the only one who is selfish. We all want what is best for us and our survival. It is natural for many beings. Yet, when one is in love, nothing else matters but to protect and to satisfy the ones we love."

Leah and Romulus looked at one another. "I never would have imagined that your cousin Remus would do such a thing. Trust me when I tell you, Romulus, that I have no interest or any feeling for that bastard!"

"I know, my love. I cannot find the right words to express how betrayed I feel. My cousin is trying to take you away from me. I would rather die than let him do that. I will do anything in my power to keep you by my side."

When Leah was about to respond, four guards came into the prison, unlocked the cells, and got a hold of the two prisoners. The guards led the two into the courtroom, and all the witnesses and the elders were present. As for Remus, he stood with the other witnesses to the courtroom, excited to know the verdict of the elders. The guards put Leah and Romulus in their place, and the guards kept an eye on them.

The elders entered and took their seats, looking at the accused. Marcus was the only one who stood, and all were silent to know what the verdict would be finally. "The elders and I have made our verdict, and this is what it will be."

Everyone held their breath.

"Both of you are banished from our society and are to live in the human world for the rest of your days. None of you are welcome back to our society."

Many gasped, but Romulus and Leah were happy beyond belief. Both were still to be together.

"However, Romulus, your wolf will be extracted from you, and you will be an ordinary human. Only if you accept this will you and Leah be able to go to the human world. Will you accept this verdict?"

Without hesitation, Romulus and Leah accepted the verdict.

Remus, however, was not happy with the verdict.

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