Mate Hunt

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Another Week Later...

Romulus was in a room, surrounded by bodyguards, and before him were the elders, reminding him of the verdict handed out to him and his mate. He will no longer be a werewolf but a human. To his surprise, it did not bother him. His love for Leah would never change, and as long as he had her, he wanted nothing else in life.

One of the elders began to chant a spell and extended his hand out towards Romulus. Romulus began to glow in a golden light and began to float in mid-air. He then began to feel pain throughout his body.

A pain that he had never felt before. Romulus then felt a painful forcing coming out of his body. He saw pitch black for a couple of seconds, and then he regained his vision. To his shock, he saw the image of his wolf floating in mid-air.

Romulus then felt shocked and a hint of sadness as he looked at his wolf. He felt that half of himself, half of his life, was looking at right him. His wolf’s eyes were filled with sadness.

“I’m so sorry,” Romulus told his wolf.

Then, his wolf howled, and the elders motioned the essence of his wolf into a small handmade container and locked the wolf inside. Romulus fell onto the ground and felt empty. He was no longer a werewolf; he was now human. “ to go?” he whispered.

“Before you and your mate go, there is still one more thing that we must do.”


Leah was waiting outside the meeting hall. Some guards were watching her; she waited anxiously for Romulus. It felt like an eternity. Then, she saw a bodyguard walking outside the meeting hall, carrying an unconscious Romulus on his shoulders, and he dropped Romulus onto the ground before Leah. The young woman went to Romulus and shook him, asking him to wake up.

The elder Francis stepped forward. “Leah, don’t you worry about him. The extraction of his wolf took a toll on his body. It will take a whole day for him to wake up.”

Leah sighed in relief that Romulus was going to be okay. “By when should we leave? Romulus wouldn’t be able to wake up until tomorrow.”

“Not to worry, I will open a portal, and it will take you where you want to go, but before I do. There is something you must know. We also took Romulus’ memories of him ever being a werewolf.”

The young woman gasped. “Why!?”

“It was the order of the other elders, even though I was opposed to it. They were afraid that he would tell other humans of our location. They even wanted your memory to be gone, but I convinced them out of it. I want you to at least remember how you met this young man.”

Leah nodded. “Thank you, elder Francis.”

Francis nodded, and he snapped his fingers, and a portal appeared above Leah and Romulus. “Think of the one place you want to go, and it will take you. I wish you the best.”

The portal then forcibly took them both and in a flash. From afar, someone was watching, and then the figure hid in the trees, silently.

The portal took them both to a place that Leah recognized all too well. She saw a woman watering her plants in her gardens. Leah held the unconscious Romulus in her arms. “Grandmother! We are here!”

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