Mate Hunt

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Isla was in her gardens, thinking non-stop about her granddaughter and her deceased daughter. She had to call Leah’s parents but did not tell the exact truth. They were angry, and they decided to visit her.

Isla knew that she would eventually have to tell the truth. As the older woman was deep in thought, she heard someone call out to her. The voice sounded familiar. Isla stopped and looked behind her.


Isla ran towards her granddaughter, and as she got closer and closer, she noticed that Romulus was with Leah but looked to be asleep. Granddaughter and grandmother hugged one another. “Leah, how did you-!?”

“It is a long story, but do you have anything that could lift Romulus? He is a bit heavy.”

The elderly gave out a chuckle. “I might have one of those long carts that used to belong to your grandfather. I’ll be back.”

Minutes later, the two put Romulus on the long cart and pushed him towards Isla’s home with all their strength. Once inside the house, the two women put Romulus on the sofa. Though it took a while, Romulus was put in a comfortable position. The two women breathed heavily and sat on another couch, watching him sleep. “Leah, how did you get back? I thought it was forbidden for you and your mate to come back.”

Leah explained everything that occurred, and Isla was silent and listened to her granddaughter the entire time. When Leah finished explaining, both were quiet.

“Since the elders took his wolf away, will he still remember you?”

“Yes, only his wolf was taken away. The elders assured me that the only thing he would forget was that he was a werewolf and the world he was born in.”

Isla was a bit quiet but then decided to ask. “Since a werewolf’s bond to his mate is strong, is there a possibility that he won’t have the same feelings anymore?”

Leah did not think of that. He could not forget the love he had for her, the feelings he had for her. Romulus was no longer a werewolf, and now that he is human, his feelings might have changed. She shook her head. “I know he still loves me. We both sacrificed so much for one another, I know it.”

Isla was about to respond but then stopped when she and Leah saw Romulus moving. Leah immediately went to his side, holding his hand tightly. “Romulus?”

Little by little, Romulus began to open his eyes. His eyes wandered, and then his eyes were on Leah. Leah felt her heartbeat rapidly. Then, her being was filled with hope as she saw Romulus smiling at her. “Leah.”

She couldn’t contain her tears anymore; she then hugged Romulus and began to cry. As for Romulus, he felt confused and concerned. He put his arms around her. “It’s okay, Leah. I’m here.” He soothed her, and moments later, Leah calmed herself. She looked at him.

“Do you feel okay?”

Romulus sat up and sighed. “My head hurts, and my body is filled with pain. What happened?”

Isla and Leah looked at one another and then to Romulus. “Hey Romulus, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Do you remember your past?”

Romulus looked confused. “I thought I told you that I was an orphan. I don’t know my family or where I come from.”

Leah felt her heart sink. The elder said that Romulus has no memory and will have no memory of his past. It pained her that Romulus would have to live with that for the rest of his life. It was a cruel reality that she knew the truth, and he didn’t. “Do...Do you still love me?”

The young man raised his eyebrows. “Of course I do. You saved me from my loneliness when I had no one. You are my life, Leah. I love you with all my heart.” He kissed Leah on her lips, and she kissed him back but then stopped it since Isla was with them.

Isla stood from her seat. “I’ll make some dinner, and you two can relax.”

Leah merely nodded as she was in Romulus’ arms, enjoying his comfort.

The Next Day... 4:00 pm

Isla told Leah that her parents were to come in a couple of days. She talked with them, and her parents scolded her for not calling. She did not argue with her parents, for she knew that it was not her fault, but she refused to blame Romulus.

Romulus looked forward to meeting her parents; it was cute.

Yet, there was so much in her head. Since Romulus was a werewolf, she sensed that he was not in the country’s system. It would be difficult, but she refused to leave him, no matter how much her parents would disagree with her. Romulus was asleep while she was washing the dishes.

All of a sudden, she heard her grandmother yell. Leah dropped a dish, and Romulus ran out of the room. The two ran out, and once they were outside, both were in shock, especially Leah.


Remus held Isla by the neck as he held her in mid-air. He looked at her. “It has been a while, Leah.”

“What are you doing to my grandmother! Let her go!”

“This woman was getting in my way. I politely asked her about your whereabouts, but she was stubborn.”

“Remus, please let her go!”

Remus shrugged his shoulders and threw the older woman to the ground so that Isla bumped her head, making her lose consciousness. Leah was worried for her grandmother, but Remus was close, and she did not want to take a risk yet. What worried her more was that Remus was a werewolf and Romulus was one no longer.

Both are at risk.

As for the werewolf, he looked at Romulus and looked amused. “Hello, do you remember me?”

Romulus was cautious. “Who are you?”

“Ha, so it’s true. The elder truly took his memories. How pathetic, and now he is a human.”

“What are you talking about!?” He looked at Leah. “Do you know him?”

Leah got a hold of his arm. “Please not now, Romulus. I will try to explain later. Trust me.”

Remus stepped forward. “He is human now, Leah, and you still want him? He will forget you and not love you as a werewolf.”

“You told on us. Romulus has sacrificed so much because of his love for me! You did what you did for your selfish gains!”

“Selfish gains!? I would have done anything for you!”

Leah growled in frustration. “I am sorry you haven’t found your mate, but you don’t have to rely on your wolf, but yourself! Romulus’ love for me is strong! I don’t love or want you and never will. I would rather die!”

Remus growled in anger. “As you wish.” Then, Remus changed into his werewolf form and growled.

Romulus was in shock. He could not believe what he witnessed.

“Romulus run!” yelled Leah.

Then, Remus ran towards Leah with an intent to kill.

Romulus saw something on the ground, a small garden shovel he got a hold of and pushed Leah out of the way.

Leah was on the ground, trying to make sense of what was happening, she felt a warm liquid on her leg, and when she looked up, her mouth became wide.


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