Mate Hunt

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Leah sat stiffly. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Werewolves?"

"Yes, my dear. Werewolves."

"Grandma, how can you be so sure? I mean, really, werewolves?" Leah wanted to laugh, but when she saw her grandmother's serious expression, she knew it was no laughing matter.

"I saw them when I visited another village. Many girls were screaming for their parents as they were being taken away, never to be seen again. It was such a horrible sight. I got lucky that I managed to survive. Many people got their guns and tried to shoot them, but the bullets would not hurt them. As the legend states, werewolves can be killed by silver," explained Isla.

"Wow. I don't know what to say or think."

"I am happy you came by to visit; however, many people are still worried about these events. While you are here, you must be more careful. When it is night, you have to be home. Am I understood?"

"Yeah. Don't worry."

Isla smiled. "Good, well, you must be tired from your long journey. I have prepared a room for you. Get rest, and tomorrow will be another day."

Leah stands and goes to her grandmother, hugging her. She then walks to the room to rest.

Isla looks at the fire burning in the fireplace. "It is almost the full moon. The werewolves are coming. I am sure one of them will take Leah. She is beautiful after all, but I have to try to fight them back." Isla chuckles to herself. "They never seem to change."


Romulus is lying on a solid tree branch, looking at the moon with tenderness.

"Looking at the moon again?" asked a masculine voice.

Romulus did not look at the man who spoke to him. "It is obvious, Remus."

Remus is in his early thirties and is almost at the age where he will be infertile. Remus climbed on the tree and stood next to Romulus. He stood at six feet tall with a muscular build, which was typical for werewolf males. His hair was short and dark brown. His eyes were dark brown. Remus had a broad face with a small scar by his left eye. Nervous for the mate hunt?"

Romulus smirks. "I should ask you the same thing, cousin. You and I are in our limit."

Remus smirks back at his cousin as he looks at the moon himself. "Praying to the moon goddess?"

"Werewolves getting closer to a certain age, always pray to the moon goddess. I am sure you do the same thing."

"Do you think this year will be our year?"

"Only the moon goddess knows. She knows that we want our mate. Perhaps good things come to those who wait," said Romulus.

"Indeed, but we have waited for far too long. I mean, look what happened to others of our kind. They never found their mate. Many of them committed suicide. Sometimes I wonder if the moon goddess cares for us anymore."

Romulus sits up and looks at Remus. "Don't say such things! Have faith in the moon goddess. She knows what is good for us."

"Full of faith, but where is your mate? Maybe you were not meant for a mate, no matter how much you pray. Until then, cousin, the mate hunt will be in two days." Remus jumped off the tree and went away.

Romulus sits alone, thinking about his cousin's words. He then looks at the moon again. "I have faith, the moon goddess. I know this will be the year that I will have my mate with me."

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