Mate Hunt

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Twenty Years Later...

Leah finished visiting her grandmother’s grave, Isla, who died ten years ago from old age. Leah now lives in the village that her grandmother lived. She could not go back home and did not want to.

Her parents at first were angry, but when they visited her all those years ago, they understood slowly. She would visit her family in the states from time to time but felt that she never belonged there. As Leah got out of the village cemetery, a young man was 5′8, with light skin, slicked-back dark hair, and light brown eyes.

“Numa, how long were you waiting for me?”

The young man smiled. “Not too long; I guess I couldn’t take a nap from my long journey. I sensed that you were here.” Numa got accepted to the University of Cambridge in Great Britain and is studying Education with a major in ancient history. He arrived back home to visit his mother, Leah.

Numa paused for a couple of seconds and took out an urn. “Are you sure that you are ready now? To let dad go?”

Leah nodded; she and her son began to walk away from the village and deep to the forest. Leah looked at her son; he looked so much like Romulus. Then the memory of the day when Remus came. Remus was about to kill her, but Romulus pushed her out of the way, and Romulus stabbed Remus with a silver weapon. However, as for retaliation, Remus’ wolf bit parts of Romulus’s shoulder off, puncturing Romulus’s heart and lungs.

Romulus died instantly. As for Remus, he died of the silver, which was poisonous for werewolves. The elders arrived in the village about a day later. They found out about Remus’ escape and what occurred. They were in shock. The elders took Remus’ body back, and the elder promised to leave Leah in peace. Leah never saw or heard from the werewolves again. She did not hear of any kidnappings and hoped that the tradition had ended. Two months after Romulus’ death, she found out that she was pregnant. It broke her heart that Romulus never knew that he was going to be a father.

When Numa turned eight, she was shocked that he shifted into a werewolf. When she and Romulus made love, he was still a werewolf before the elders turned him into a human, and Numa inherited his father’s werewolf traits. It was hard raising him, but Leah told him of his lineage and the truth. He understood and kept his identity a secret but would take runs in his spare time.

Mother and son climbed on top of a rocky mountain, and Numa handed his mother the urn. Leah decided to cremate Romulus, and she did not want him buried in one place. Leah wanted him to roam free. It took her a while to decide to free his ashes. She knew he would have wanted her to move on.

The sun was going down, and it was time.

She opened the urn and got a hold of ash. “Goodbye, my love. May you always roam free, and I will be with you soon. I promise.” She let the ashes go with the wind, and she threw the rest. The wind was strong, and the ashes flew high into the air. Leah felt tears fall from her eyes. She let him go. Leah had his ashes for so long, but she knew the day would come. Her son hugged her. Leah did the same.

“It’s time we go home,” she said.

“You go ahead, mom. I am going to let my wolf free for a bit.”

Leah nodded, and she climbed down the small mountain and began to walk to her home in the village.

The sky turned into night, and the full moon came to view. On the tip of the mountain, Numa changed into his light gray wolf form. His wolf watched as his father’s ashes flowed with the wind.

Numa howled by the full moon as his father’s ashes flew away.


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