Mate Hunt

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A Couple of Days later...

Leah came back to her grandmother’s home, holding bags of food and other things.

Isla is by the fireplace, reading a book. She looks up. “Ah, I see you brought the groceries. Thank you for doing that. You are on your vacation, and I am asking you things. I do feel bad.”

Leah walks to the kitchen and puts the bag of groceries on the table. “Don’t worry, grandma. I don’t mind at all. I enjoy it. It gives me more time to travel out more and know more people.”

“Indeed, you are like your father. He hates staying at one place,” Isla chuckled.

“I get that a lot.” Leah looks at the window and sees the night skies. “The sky is beautiful when it is dark. There are even stars, grandma. Usually, I don’t see them back home. Pollution.”

“It is a shame. The earth and universe have many gifts, and we take them for granted. You can go outside and enjoy the view. I will finish the rest.”

Leah looks at her grandmother. “I can’t let you cook by yourself. I would feel bad about it!”

“I demand it. You did many errands for me. You did enough. Now go!” said Isla in a demanding voice,

Leah cringed a bit, but she did what her grandmother told her. She went outside and walked a bit far from the house to a small hill. She sat and laid down on the soft grass. She looked at the night sky, the stars, and the full moon. “How beautiful. The moon can bring so many wonders to the planet. I feel that it brings a lot of secrets.” Leah closed her eyes, feeling the wind blowing softly.


Outside a cave, many men were standing in front of a waterfall. All are bare. Among them are Romulus and Remus. There are about forty men; excitement and nervousness overwhelmed them.

Then, an older man who looked to be in his seventies stood on top of a huge rock, looking down at the men before him.

All bowed to him and did the same as a sign of respect.

His name is Marcus, and he is one of the many elders in the werewolf world. Elders maintain law and order within the packs when there are dire situations but do not entirely interfere in the duties of werewolves. “Werewolves, I bid you all welcome to the Mate Hunt. The elders and I prayed to the moon goddess for your success in securing a mate. Be aware that the hunt can be dangerous, for many humans will try to fight and kill you. Be safe and alert; may you bring your mates with you safely. If any of you fight for the same mate, your case will fall upon us. Now, I know you are all eager, and I will not keep you all for long.”

All the men began to change in their werewolf forms, all howl to the moon.

“Go! Go and find your mates! Go and secure the future of our kind!” announced Marcus.

All the werewolves howled and ran through the forests towards the many small villages that were nearby.

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