Mate Hunt

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Hunt Pt 1

Romulus changed in his werewolf form. In his form, his fur is pitch black as the night. His eyes are blood red. His body is still muscular. In his werewolf form, Romulus was able to stand on two feet. He has sharp nails ready to kill anyone or anything that tries to get in his way. His other competitors changed in similar forms, but many are different sizes and colors. His cousin, Remus' wolf form, is a greyish color; his eyes are gold.

His cousin went with the others. Before Romulus went off to a nearby village, he looked at the moon and closed his wolf eyes. "Moon Goddess, my entire faith is with you. Please, let this be the night. All I want in my life is a mate whom I can love and care for until the end of my days on this earth." He opened his eyes again and began to run towards the others. He had a hunch that many of the other males were going to either two villages close to one another. Throughout the years of mate hunts he participated in, there were many villages that he went through, but there was no such luck.

As he ran faster to one of the villages, as he did, he felt his heart beating in excitement. Romulus began to feel a sense of hope in his heart. "Perhaps the moon goddess heard my prayers!" he told himself. He ran faster.

A couple of werewolf males ran in opposite ways, and he went to the right. His heart pumped with excitement as he ran with the other males; he could hear some of their thoughts. Many say they can smell scents of their mates or have other disturbing thoughts. He only had one goal, to find his mate. Romulus knew many of the others were almost at the age of becoming infertile, and desperation would kick. It is not uncommon where many werewolves would kidnap and rape women who are not their mates. Many of them tried to impregnate them. If the woman gets pregnant, they are forced to marry the werewolf—cruel fate.

Romulus and the other werewolves got to a hill and saw a village. Many of the homes still had their lights on. He then smelled something... nice and wonderful, and it smelled of lavender. "I can smell her, my mate..." he told himself in utter delight. "The moon goddess heard my prayers. Thank you, moon goddess!" Then, the others ran toward the village. Romulus ran too, and he did not want his mate to be in the arms of another.

Leah still laid down on the grassy ground. She felt like it was hours that she had been outside, she decided to go back to her grandmother. As she stood up, she heard howling.

She looked around but could not see anything. She began to walk towards the village, and as she walked, she saw things running fast towards the village. Then, all the lights of the village lit up, and Leah heard screams.

"Werewolves!!" yelled many people.

Leah could not believe it. That was when she saw many people trying to run away; gunshots were heard. Leah ran as fast as she could to the village without thinking when she thought of her grandmother. For her, the well-being of her grandmother came first to her mind. Leah got closer and closer to the village, and she stopped in her tracks. Bodies were on the ground, and blood splattered everywhere. What horrified her the most were the beasts before her.

The beasts went after the young women.


Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt something hot behind her. She slowly turned around and was in front of a werewolf. Fear overcame her, but she heard something in her mind.


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