Mate Hunt

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Hunt Pt 2

Romulus ran into the village as the scent of lavender hit his nose. He looked all over the village to see where the scent came from.

Screaming people ran all over the village. Many men were shooting their guns at him and the other werewolves. However, he and the others would dodge them in an instant. Whenever he saw a woman, he would smell them, but the scent was not on them. “Where is she?” he asked himself.

As he looked, the scent got closer and closer. He began to feel the excitement and followed the smell. It got closer and closer. Then, he stopped. Before him is a woman. Romulus slowly walks to her, and his nose is behind her neck.

“She is the one...”

The woman turned, and when Romulus saw her entire appearance, he felt his breath was drawn away. She is beautiful. Romulus could not believe that such a beauty could exist.

“Mate!” he said in a mind link. When he saw her flinch, he gave out a wolf grin. He knew right there and then that she was his mate.


Leah felt her heart beat in terror, but also excitement. It was something she could not explain. The werewolf in front of her looked at her as if she was the most precious thing on earth. The werewolf sniffed her, and he slowly raised his left hand and touched her face gently. Leah’s eyes became wide open at the sudden act.

However, the screaming and bullets got her out of her trance. Leah ran away from him.

Romulus felt shocked and hurt, he finally found his mate, and she ran from him. The feeling of possessiveness overwhelmed him. He went after her. “I will not allow you to be away from me! You are mine, and I will have you by my side!” Romulus said to himself. He would dodge and push humans away from his path.

Leah ran as fast as her legs could take her. Her grandmother’s safety was on her mind, and she prayed that she was still alive. It seemed like an eternity, but she got to her grandmother’s house, and fear overwhelmed her. Leah broke the door to the house. She ran inside, and once inside, she saw her grandmother lying on the ground. A werewolf with brown fur stood over her and was about to attack. “Get away from her!” yelled Leah as she got a pot from the floor.

The werewolf turned and looked at her. Leah saw a brownish werewolf looking at her, and a smirk came upon its face. It began to walk towards her. She ran to the werewolf and tried to hit it with the pot, but the werewolf got a hold of her arm, making her drop the pot. “Agh! Grandma, run!” she yelled.

Isla got up, but she did not leave. She got a knife near her and stabbed the werewolf in the back. The werewolf howled in pain but did not let Leah go. The werewolf punched Isla so hard that she hit the wall and landed on the ground, unconscious. “Grandma! Let me go! Let me go!” Leah punched the werewolf with her free arm.

All of a sudden, the brown werewolf looked at the entrance and growled in anger. Leah looks, and it is the black werewolf she saw, and he looks angry.

Romulus saw his mate in the hands of another. It is not uncommon for werewolves to fight to the death for females, which will be no different. Romulus charged at his rival, and the other did the same. Romulus punched, scratched, and bit onto the rival, who still held onto Leah.

Leah yelped in pain as the grip on her was too tight. “Please let me go!” she cried.

The cry of his mate made Romulus angry. He bit on his rival’s arm and ripped it out, forcing him to let Leah go. Leah fell to the floor and was horrified at the sight before her. The brown werewolf howled in utter pain as blood spurted out of his body. He fell to the ground and did not move. It died. The body slowly turned to what looked like ash.

Leah was in shock, but she shook her head and went to her unconscious grandmother. “Grandma, please wake up!” Then, she felt a firm yet gentle grip around her waist, and the next thing she knew was that she was being taken away from her grandmother, house, and village.

As for Romulus, he held onto his mate into the darkness.

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