Mate Hunt

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Leah is being held on Romulus’ shoulders as he runs far from the village. She had never felt so much fear in her entire life. Shock filled her being, for she could not fully comprehend what she saw and went through.

If she told others of her experience, they would call her crazy. Things that she experienced should belong in the movies, but it is reality. Her reality. The village is far away, and Leah looked under her. She felt as if she was flying in mid-air, with speed. It felt angelic but a bit frightening. She then took a glance behind her and saw that the werewolf was concentrated on running. Leah felt a bit scared, especially since she saw him kill another werewolf. Leah just stayed quiet.


Romulus POV

I never felt so alive! I finally have my mate in my arms! I have the moon goddess to thank. Yet, I know she will have many questions, and I will answer them. My biggest fear is that she will try to get away from me and will fear me. I waited so long for her, and I will not let her leave me. I would die before I’d let that happen.

We were almost there to the waterfall, but I decided it was best to know my mate. As I ran, I could hear the screams of women. I knew other werewolves kidnapped them. I also knew the other reasons why they were screaming. I could listen to them scream for help and pleaded to their kidnappers to stop.

I cringed and felt my heart drop with their screams. This year, many werewolves are at the age of almost becoming infertile. The werewolves were taking drastic measures to keep their mates and have the family they wanted. I knew many of my brethren were raping them. For thousands of years, many werewolves have done such actions, which I am disgusted with. My father and many of my ancestors have done it too.

I remember that during my childhood. My father told me that he raped my mother when he found her; he was thirty-four. Desperation overcame him. My mother tried many times to abort me, but I was born either way. My father did everything to earn her forgiveness. I tried to commit suicide because I was not too fond of fighting. My mother was shocked by my actions. I told her I was sorry that I was born and made her miserable. My mother cried, and little by little, she forgave my father. Ever since then, I swore never to force myself upon my mate.

About ten years ago, she passed away, and my father died two days later. When a werewolf loses a mate, they are filled with utter sadness that they have no reason to live.

I stopped on top of a rocky mountain, which would make it impossible for her to escape. I let her down. She moves away but stops when she realizes that she is on top of a high mountain. She looked at me. “P-Please don’t hurt me!”

It hurt me when she said that. I would never do such a thing. I began to change in my human form.

Leah sees the werewolf changing into a man. She could not believe her eyes. She also could not believe how handsome the man was. She can feel a blush coming to her face.

The man smiled. “What is your name?” he asked.


He smiled. “Leah. Beautiful name. I am Romulus; I am so happy to be before you.”

Leah looked at him thoroughly, and when she did, she squealed and covered her eyes. This confused Romulus. “What’s wrong?”

“Pl-Please put some clothes on!”

Romulus looked down and realized why Leah was uncomfortable. He was fully naked, something he is always used to. He looks down on his cock and smirks as he looks at Leah. “No can do. I left my clothing at home. This is something you will have to get used to, my love. Besides, isn’t it nice to know that your mate is fully packaged?”

Leah immediately uncovered her eyes and looked at Romulus. “What do you mean!?”

“As you heard. You are my mate. My love. M.I.N.E. That’s reality.”

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