Mate Hunt

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“You are my mate. My love. M.I.N.E.”

Leah’s heart pounded quick, and confusion clouded her mind. “What do you mean...mate?” A part of her knew the answer, but the other part was still in denial. She hoped that she was wrong.

Romulus crossed his arms and hummed, thinking about how to explain. “A mate is like a soulmate. In the werewolf world, a mate is everything to us. They are like our reason for living and dying. Without a mate, there is no point in living. To my delight, the moon goddess gave me you as a mate.” He knelt before Leah, and he touched her hair. He loved the feeling of it, soft and gentle.

As for Leah, her confusion got the best of her, but she got out of it when she saw Romulus’ face getting closer to her face. She immediately moved away. Romulus gave out a slight whimper. “You said that the moon goddess chose me to be your mate? Like the moon goddess Selene?”

“Something like that.”

Leah kept her distance, and Romulus noticed, and he gave her space. “That is not right! I did not ask to be a wolf’s mate! Th-This is just crazy! How can a goddess choose!? What if the woman does not want to be a mate!?” When she said that, she noticed Romulus’ expression; sad and hurt. She did not know why, but she felt terrible about what she said.

“We don’t question our moon goddess, and she is the one who we look up to. She gives us plenty. We werewolves are not like human males. Although, I see how human males are. They take women for granted and would betray their trust for their selfishness. Though I admit many women act the same.” Romulus kept on looking at Leah, loving the sight of her. “However, the moon goddess knows what is best for us, and she chooses mates for us who are pure of heart. Even though we just met, I can see the love and kindness in your eyes. I know you are beautiful on the inside.”

Leah blushed at his words. She felt nice that Romulus said such things to her; she looked behind her, seeing a faint smoke from the village. That is when she remembered her grandmother. She stood. “Romulus, I need to go back to the village!” she said with worry.

Romulus was not pleased. “Why?”

“I am worried about my grandmother! She is hurt. That other werewolf hurt her when she tried to help me!” she explained. Since she thought Romulus said nice words, she believed that he would be nice enough to take her. She was in for a surprise.

Romulus’ arms are still crossed. “No.” He noticed Leah flinch at his response. He did not care, at the least.

She slowly turned around, an expression forming on her face. “Care to repeat it?”

“Gladly. No!” he responded.

“Why the hell not!?” she yelled as she went in front of him.

“You will try to run away, and you will not want to come back with me. Your grandmother should be fine. You are my mate, and your place is with me now.” he responded. Leah looked at his expression, and it reminded her of a child. She felt that he looked adorable and wanted to squeal but contained herself.

She thought of other ways. “Come on! I want to see if she is okay, that’s all! Pretty please!” Leah did a babyface, something that worked on others. Romulus looked at her. His expression did not change. “As I said, no. My word is final.”

Leah looked at his body and decided to use her last weapon. Leah went to him and hugged him. Deep in her mind, she loved the feeling of his body, muscles, abs, and his-Leah stopped the dirty thoughts in her mind. She then trailed her hands on his muscular chest. This shocked Romulus, but he knew what she was up to. However, he let her continue, loving her touch.

“Come on, Romulus.” She slowly walked around his, facing his back. She is amazed at how muscular he is. “I only want to know if my grandmother is okay. Why would I leave such a scrumptious, delicious-looking of a man.” Her hands touched his back and then went to his chest. Romulus growled at her touch. “You are mouth-watering. Your body is so tempting that I feel that I should ravish you.”

Romulus was shocked at Leah. He never thought that she had a way with words. He could feel her hands touching him, and he looked down at his cock, and it was beginning to become erect. Romulus did not want to scare her off. “Nice try, but no.”

Leah could not control her anger. “Damn you! You damn dog! I am going to...” She did not finish; instead, Romulus got a hold of her and put her on his shoulder.

“Put me down!”

He ignored her, and he began to continue going home with his screaming mate.

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