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Because of You

By Isabelle Galea All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Romance


Darkness and Light. Damian and Brea. He would do anything to keep her in the light. She would do anything to keep her from the dark. When Brea's light starts to fade away, Damian tries his best to keep her with him.

Chapter 1

Grown ups usually say , “ Take life as it comes.”, “ Be positive.” ,“ Keep smiling , every storm turns into a rainbow.”. What they never teach you is the crushed souls you leave behind. Parents try to teach you the good in this world, they expect you to obey and live up to their expectations. Life is taken lightly , there are a lot of children who won’t wake up tomorrow. We pray , we search for an answer to the inevitable. We cry , we cling to life although we never truly lived it. Everyone expect you to be at your top , smile , be confident , be faithful, the problems you have will pass. The truth is, no one knows, everyone tries their best , they try to learn the unknown and fix everything. When you are a kid, you can dream about fairy tales, wear tiaras, run wild with your imagination. Then there comes a certain age were you have to let all that go and grow up and the people who cling to their childhood are taken as crazy or weird. We run away from reality , we are scared of change , we end up crushing our soul without even noticing. Until one day you don’t know what life is anymore.

“ Brea , you ready ?”

I turned around to see my best friend putting my last luggage into her car.

Taking a deep breath I turned around to take a last look at the house.

“ Brea dear , be careful.” Rhona said.

Her husband put an arm around her.

“ Thank you for taking care of me.” I said bowing my head.

“ You are like a daughter to us , if you ever need anything don’t hesitate.” Steven said.

Rhona and Steven are Kayla’s parents, my best friend , they took care of me since I was a small kid.

I gave them one last hug and went into the car.

“ Ready for College?” Kayla said shutting the door behind her.

“ Is anyone ever ?!”

Kayla and I looked at each other and laughed.

She sounded the horn to say her last goodbye to her parents and waved from the window.

“ We are gonna start new , girl.” Kayla said with a grin on her face.

“ What about Andre?”

“ Screw him, new school , new guys.” She said puffing her cheeks.

I chuckled.

Andre was Kayla’s ex , I tried to help them re-unite but he was a jerk.

No one hurts my best friend.

“ You should really learn to drive woman.” Kayla said.

I shrugged.

“ I have you.”

“ Yeah as your taxi driver, dream on.”

I chuckled.

“ You ready for tonight ? I’m sure your going crazy.” Kayla laughed.

I jumped in my seat. Tonight finally was the year awaited Linkin Park concert. They are one of my favorite bands , somehow Kayla got hand on two tickets , I was going crazy.

The college we where going to attend was just a 10 minutes travel by car.

“ West Edge College.” Kayla mumbled.

We were both scared , we went to the same schools and same classes for years , but this year I decided to try something new. I always wanted an English and Archeology Major, this is the only college who offered it and Kayla came with me. She also found a design major which always intrigued her.

“ You will have to let me plan your wedding.” Kayla teased.

“ Sure you will.”

New school , new people. I needed a fresh start , everybody used to look at me with pity and I couldn’t take it. Kayla always wanted to live in LA so she figured we should just go together.

I saw the trees slip away behind the car. The wind throwing my brown hair away from my face.

“ Think you should dye your hair?”

I shook my head.

“ Not yet, I love this color.”

Kayla chuckled.

We had a four hour travel to arrive to campus , Kayla complained about it since she would have to drive all alone but we thought we’d stop frequently.

“First stop dinner.”

“ Didn’t you just eat ?” I asked her.

“ Yeah , so ?”

Got her point. I checked the maps on my phone. There should be a diner in half an hour drive.

“ First diner in sight , is gonna take about 30 minutes.”

“Thank heavens.”

“ You just started to drive.”

“Its already been an hour.”Kayla complained

“ Really?”

I checked the time.

Surely enough an hour already passed , I didn’t even notice.

“ When you zone out in that mind of yours , time is forgotten.”

I chuckled.

“ Mind of writers.”

“ Yeah , too bad your books haven’t had so much success so far.”

“ Its early Kay, I have a lot to learn.”

I turned to her and smiled.

She chuckled.

“ No one is so positive minded as you.”

“ And no one is good hearted as you.”

“ Oh just shut up.” She grabbed my hand and squeezed once before returning her attention to the road.

“ Lets fight college.”

“ You are making it sound like hell. Worst best friend ever.”

“ Hey now , what do you want me to say ? Parties , getting drunk , ending up having sex with a complete stranger and then oh oops look who’s pregnant.”

Kayla bursted out into laughter.

“ Fine , fine.” She said through laughter.

“ You know for a girl who likes , rock , you are too sweet.” Kayla said chuckling.

I shrugged.

“ Who knows, I am weird.”

“ That.. you are.” She teased.

I shook my head and smiled.

“ Earth , sweet Earth.” Kayla cried when she got out of the car.

I shook my head.

“ You complain too much.”

Kayla opened her mouth.

“ Oh no , we are not going down that road. I am too tired.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me after her.

When we went in, a waiter greeted us and gave us a table.

“ Your menus.”

“ Thank you.” Kayla and I said in unison.

“ What are you going to have Bre?”

“ Don’t know yet , maybe toast.”

She pulled the menu from her face.

“ A toast ? Seriously?”

“ Well , I’m still full from eating your mother’s supper.”

“ We won’t have time to eat once we are there , we have to go to the concert immediately.”

I nodded.

After a few minutes a waiter came.

“ Shall I take your order?”

Kayla looked up and smiled.

Oho , he’s in for it.

“ A toast and a salad for two please.” She smiled.

The waiter kept staring at her and smiled.

I shook my head.

Kayla was a boy magnet , she didn’t do it on purpose but she was a natural beauty.

The waiter nodded and left.

“ Poor guy.” I said.

“ What?”

“ You smiled to him , he will probably give you extra cheese.”

Kayla looked at me with eyes wide open then laughed.

“ Maybe he liked you.”

“ Yeah right sister.” I said.

“ Why not?”

“ Have you seen yourself?”

A guy passed and nodded to what I said.

I laughed and soon Kayla joined me.

“ You are beautiful too.”

I smiled , she always did that , I like myself but I don’t feel like I can compete with her. Although there is nothing to compete about and there never will be but she smiles guys melt to her feet.

No one melts at mine.

Our order came flying after a few minutes , the waiter almost crashed into an old lady for looking at Kayla.

“ Gonna leave your number?” I joked to Kayle while we got up to leave.

“ I am no slut , but he is cute.” She said peeking back to him.

“ He seems nice, maybe you should leave it.” I suggested.

She shook her head.

“ No , lets get you to Chester.” Chester was the lead singer in Linkin -Park.

I chuckled.

The waiter looked at her walking away like a sad puppy.

I guess I’ll have to bring her here often.

We rode in silence for a while, then ‘Wicked Games’ came on the radio. I busted it up and sang to it like a crazy lady.

Kayla laughed throughout the whole song.

Then ′ Cheerleader’ came and Kayla almost left the steering wheel. We sang to it loudly. Cars passed by , some people slowed down to listen to us and laugh.

We stopped one more time to stock up our sweet supply , our monthly visits were beastly to both of us.

Hours passed by like lightning, we were soon in the campus range. College students walked around , some looked new, some explained to people where they had to go or some groups they could enter. We wanted to lay low so no groups for us , we drove away to the dorms. When we arrived the land lady greeted us with a smile and gave us the key, we were fortunate enough to share the same room. A lot of people get separated , but when we called they had the last room free for the two of us.

“ The land lady looks nice.” I said as we entered the room.

Kayla crushed on the nearest bed.

“ I guess I’ll take this side.” I chuckled.

“ We start lectures in two days , why did we come so early?” Kayla complained.

“ So we could go to the concert remember?”

She got up.

“ I’ll take the shower first.”

Thankfully at West Edge college , they had a private bathroom for each room. Of course the rent is higher but its worth it.

I pulled my luggage on the bed and unzipped it.

Grabbed my posters and put them on the wall. We don’t have much time till the concert so I don’t have time to put my things away. I grabbed the clothes I decided to wear and laid them on the bed.

Ripped jeans, check.

Linkin park shirt, check.

Leather jacket, check.

Comfy shoes, check.

“ You look eager.” Kayla came out of the bathroom already dressed.

She decided to go with jeans , a tank top and leather jacket.

Yes we love Leather Jackets.

I headed to the bathroom and washed myself.

When I walked out of the bathroom , Kayla was organizing her books carefully on the shelf.

I sat in front of the mirror.

“ Don’t go all Rah rah on me.” She said.

“ When did I ever?”

“ At Halloween , remember you scared me to death.”

I chuckled.

No rah rah but I wanted to look pretty so I did some extra make up.

“ Come here.” Kayla said.

She curled my hair and pulled it into a high pony tail.

“ You look beautiful.” She said.

“ So do you.”

Kayla applied only a bit make up , the usual mascara and lipsticks. She twisted the edges of her short hair.

“ Shall we go?” She asked.

I nodded.

“ Screams , here we come.” Kayla said doing the rock symbol.

I shook my head and laughed walking after her.

After a lot of hard work trying to find a parking place , there was a long cue to wait.

“ Why did I come with you exactly?”

“ Cause you love me.” I said blinking my eyes.

“ I hate you right now.”

The cue moved and I skipped.

“ Please don’t be yourself in a cue.” Kayla said chuckling and covering her face.

The guy behind her laughed.

“ First concert ?” He asked.

I nodded.

“ Then I can understand.” He chuckled.

“ Nice shirt.” His friend told me.

“ Same to you.”

Their shirts were far more beautiful than mine.

Kayla pulled her hand on my shoulder and pulled me away from them.

“ Don’t talk to strangers didn’t my mum tell you that?” Kayla said.

I laughed.

Thankfully the cue didn’t take long and we rushed in.

There weren’t a lot of people so I could see the park clearly.

“ So, about the guys from before, were they hot?” Kayla shouted in my ear.

I looked at her and my eyebrow shot up.

“ Your mother told me not to speak to strangers , so I don’t know.”

Kayla pushed me lightly.

It took forever for the band to show but when they did screams bursted in my ear , I didn’t care and I shouted with them. Kayla covered her ears. She liked the band but wasn’t their biggest fan.

They started with ′ In the End’ I screamed and sang with them , no care to who could hear me. Everybody did the same as me , so no one took care of the people around them. Kayla kept her grasp on my elbow just in case we go separated but in the end she sang loudly with me.

The concert will be soon over and Kayla shouted in my ear.

“ If we get separated meet me at the car.”

I nodded and continued to jump.

Soon later they finished and said goodbye to everyone. It was one of the happiest days in my life , the heck I think it was the best day of my entire life. Soon later the people started to push to get out. We got okay at first but then the man in front of me almost fell into me and he crushed his elbow in my chest , I almost lost my breath, red spots appeared in my vision , I fell backwards but someone caught me. I looked up to find the guy from before.

“ Thanks.” I shouted.

When I got to my feet I checked for Kayla, but she was nowhere near me.

Panic welled up inside me , I arched my neck to look for her. Two strong hands grabbed my waist and pulled me up , I looked down , he tilted the head to the crowd. I looked , Kayla was there she waved and pointed to the outside , I nodded and he let me go. I rubbed my chest it still hurts.

A strong push came from behind me and I fell forward , no not again. This time an arm came around my waist and pulled my upright , he didn’t let go so I looked up at him but he kept looking forward.

We moved forward slowly , he never let go of my waist and if someone pushed to hard he would shove me away slightly. When we finally got out I could breath, he let go of my waist.

“ Thank you.” I said.

He nodded and walked away.

“ Um.” I called to him.

He stopped and looked to me.

“ Thanks.” I repeated myself.

He smiled softly and walked away without a second glance.

I turned and saw Kayla come running and jumped on me.

“ Dammit don’t scare me like that.” She yelled.

“ Sorry some one elbowed me.” I said rubbing my chest.

She let go.

“ You okay?”

I nodded.

“ Thanks to that guy I am fine.”

Kayla looked behind me.

“ What guy?”

“ The stranger.”

The opened her mouth as if to say oh.

“ Yeah his friend helped me too.”

“ See , I guess its good your mother didn’t tell us not to talk to strangers.”

Kayla laughed and pulled me after her to the car.

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