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Fall of '82 in Paris, France. Severine Garnier and Oliver Dubois have always been friends since they were kids and they have been through thick and thin together. Up until now, they have agreed to be friends-with-benefits. While she's caught up with all the passion, Severine starts to realize that she's doesn't want the casual relationship anymore. She wants more than just sex. She wants the real deal and has to face the facts that she is in love with Oliver. Will she push down these feelings for her best friend or can she accept them and be upfront about it?

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chapitre une (one)

“Why is it ... you always play the slow dance music while we’re having sex? Not to mention, it’s so loud all the time,” I complained as he takes off his shirt and pants before straddling between my legs.

“Hey, give me some credit where credit is due. I have a great taste in music,” Oliver answered, “and besides, somebody is bound to hear if either of us moan too loud.”

“Well, sorry to wound your ego there, Ollie. But why Indochine?”

“Why not? They’re a pretty popular band since they formed last year,” Oliver groans as he begins to enter my vagina and starts to move against me.

I roll my eyes. “To each his own, I suppose.”

So, you’re probably wondering why we’re having sex in the back of his car... on a l’université ground where on-lookers could easily see us through the window? Because I like to be risky sometimes and thankfully his windows are, but Oliver wanted to play it safe by putting his jacket and mine over them. At first, I wasn’t sure about having a friends-with-benefits type of relationship and neither was Oliver. The two of us back to when we were kids, we used to talk about the dreams that we wish to pursue when we got older. In my naïve teenage years as we entered lycée, I had these butterflies fluttering around in my stomach every time Oliver and I had a moment. It was by 11th grade that we started off this casual relationship. I wanted to say yes truthfully and only remain that way but it just didn’t sit right with me. In a way, I started to fall for him.

Completely fall for him.

For me, there was no way to beat around the bush that I could deny these feelings for my best friend and I don’t want to be just a playdate to him forever. I don’t want to chase after him all my life then he’ll end up with someone else. I care about Oliver deeply and we’ve always taken care of each other, more that I was there to help him cope with the loss of his older sister, Sonia. She was an alcoholic to get rid of the depression that she was dealing with after a break-up. It was so much that she drowned herself silently in her sorrows alone in her bedroom at night. Oliver looked up to Sonia and he thought of her as his hero.

I’d stayed up all night with him and talk just about anything to get away from what happened to Sonia and we were only ten years old when she died.

But since then, I felt like I want us to be something more than just friends. Besides the sex, I feel like we’ve more of a connection. I want us to be one of those lovey-dovey couples that would make other ones super jealous of us. If I were to even tell him that I love him... I don’t know how he would react to my confession. As Oliver slowly thrust his hips against me, he plants a few soft kisses along my collarbone then up to my neck before his lips are connected to mine. He goes leisurely for a while until he eventually increases the cadence. I moan against his neck then bite onto my lower lip.

“This is a... nice massage, isn’t it?” Oliver laughed awkwardly.

I scowled at him for his attempt to make it sound ‘sexy’ though it was a good one in my opinion it could be better. “Ollie, never make that comment again, please.” He frowns and I hate when he makes this face. I hope that I didn’t sound too nasty with what I just said. “But I’ll give you credit where it’s due.”

“Sev, I think I’m getting close,” he grunts as he begins to speed up a bit, “I’m going to come soon.”

“You think you or are you?” I ask him as I felt my minge tighten up, indicating that I’ll come too.

“I am! I am! Oh, fuck! This feels too good inside of you!” Oliver moans, continuing to move faster.

Thinking about this now as I feel the whole car shake because of us, this will draw so much attention no doubt especially the teachers... yeah, no shit Capitaine évident! We might as well wrap this little rendezvous up.

“Well, if you’re going to come then make it quick before we get caught!” I tell him.

“This was your idea to do it in the back of my car plus, I’m almost finished... just give me a few more seconds.” His breath is hot and heavy against my glistened skin as he speeds up a little more and grunts when I feel his dick twitch inside of me.“Damn, coming! Coming! Severine, I’m going to-”

“Oh, fucking hell!” I cry out as we both achieve orgasms together.

All of a sudden, the back of the car is steamy and the smell of after coitus fills the air. He sits up with his back on the door to catch his breath as I prop myself up on my elbows, fixing my hair. Threads of his hickory brown hair fall in front of his face and teardrops of sweat run down from the side of his head. Every time we finished, it’s always the uncomfortable silence and for me, pillow talk is the last thing on my mind. My legs are still shaking but I manage to pull myself up.

“You okay?” I wipe the dampness from his forehead.

Oliver shakes his head tiredly then replies with, “that was one hell of a workout but other than that... I’m fine. What about you?”

“I probably won’t be able to walk for a little bit but the just same as you right now. Let’s just stay like this for a few minutes then you can drop me back off at my room.” I lay my head against his chest.

I live for moments like this where we just sit here in each other’s arms and let every second go by without saying a word. It’s not every day when you and your best friend are fucking in the back of his dad’s hand-me-down car after school. No one knows that we’re friends-with-benefits and I don’t plan to tell any of our friends yet until we’re ready. He passes me my discarded white bra and shirt before I put my clothes back on as he does the same.

“Next time, I’m picking the location of where we get to have sex,” said Oliver as he slides his t-shirt over his head.

“Where? Point de rencontre?” I say sarcastically. (Make-out point)

“Ha! Funny but no... I’ll tell you sometime soon.”

Once we’re fully clothed, Oliver takes down both of our jackets and the blankets from the windows, hops in the driver’s seat, and then turns down the radio. I still question how we weren’t caught by any of the teachers after hours-though the shaking car should’ve given it away or at least the loud music masking our moans. I sit on the passenger side and fix my hair as he begins to back out of the parking lot then drive to the dormitory.

“How come I didn’t know that you were the precarious type, Sev?” he asks, flipping on the turn signal stick to make a right.

“And we’ve known each other for how long exactly?”

Oliver snorts then responds, “Listen, sometimes I forget. By the way, do you want to hang out this weekend? If you’re free?”

“Oh, ready for a round two?” I smirk at him.

“No, I meant just a normal hangout. But the location is a secret,”

“Like a surprise date?”

Oliver’s cheeks are colored red only for a split second until he cools himself off. “You can call it that but I do want to spend some time with you outside of being friends-with-benefits and all and there’s something that I want you to see.”

Thinking to myself, I was a little excited that we could be going on a real date, and then from there, I’d confess my feelings for him. I just don’t know if it’s too soon or if I shouldn’t. Despite everything we have done in the past before this, I found myself more attracted to him. “What time?”

“I’ll pick you up around seven, sounds good?” he says and I nod.

“Oui!” I respond.

When we arrive at the residence hall, I wave goodbye to him and told him that I’ll see him later. One thing I managed to catch before he drove off was the way he winked at me for a second. What would I give to spend more time with him more? Anything. I guess that I didn’t explain more to why I started having a crush on my best friend. I was eight years old when I had my first kiss with Oliver-in the closet. I liked it but was also embarrassed that my first kiss had to be in the closet. My face was deep red as I ran out of the room. Just thinking about that night is making my heart leap out of my chest. When I trek quickly up the stairs and past the front door of my dorm room, I dropped the room keys as I let out a sharp gasp.

“Shit! Viviane, I didn’t see you there!” I say even though I knew she would.

Viviane rolls her eyes and then asks, “You and Oliver fucking again, weren’t you?”

“Well, you know us! I promise you that we didn’t get caught,”

“I should hope not, Severine. Let me guess, you guys did it in the parking lot,”

My eyes widened, “Um, h-how did you know?”

She points at the obvious hickey that Oliver had left on my neck. “That and it took you almost two hours after school.”

“Listen, you won’t tell anybody about it, okay?” I implore her, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her back and forth.

“I won’t! I won’t! Just promise me that you won’t be so reckless and stop before I get an upset stomach,” she says and I let go of her, “I’m surprised that you two didn’t get caught by any of the teachers.”

“Me too,” I add, “me too.”

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