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chapitre douze (twelve)

It gets colder each day that passes by and I take on Viviane’s advice to give him time to figure things out. I need some of that to clear my head. A week has gone by and then the next had passed rapidly, I try not to think about him constantly. Reminiscing that face he made when I told him how I felt about him. Throughout the rest of the week, I continue on with my studies and thought that I could work here at the university as a philosophy teacher or maybe a therapist. I never thought of this before since I just wanted to be done with school for the rest of my life and wouldn’t touch another textbook again.

There were unhinged things that I noticed was how distant both Oliver and Aurélia seemed towards each other and I know what I said to him, wishing him all the best in his relationship with her. Whenever they’re around, he was kept to himself and the color in his cheeks have disappeared. It’s like she sucked out all the life out of him. I’m worried but I can’t step in even if I wanted to.

Saturday—at this point my favorite day of the week— had come around and I made plans to visit my aunt and uncle to catch up with them, especially after the bake sale last month. Thankfully, they live on the second floor. When I arrive, I try not to imagine the fact this might be the roof that Oliver and I had sex on… I’m glad that no one saw us up there and we weren’t caught by the authorities. It wasn’t a long walk until I found their apartment number, knocked on the door, and waited.

About five seconds later, Aunt Yveline answers the door and her bright smile immediately warms my heart. Seeing her is a gift and I’d love to see that face more than I want to. She ushers me to come in while warning me to hurry up before I could let the cold air in. Once I’m inside, the living room is toasty, not too much, but it’s just right that I take off my jacket and set it on the nearest coat rack by the entrance. I give her a hug, feeling her energy being passed on to me now.

“It’s so good to see you, Aunt Yveline.” I press a greeting kiss on her cheek and she does the same.

“And the same to you too, Severine. How’s school going for you?” she asked.

“It’s fine and all,” I reply, looking at her and the floor. “And what about you? With the adoption idea or you’ve already gone through the process.”

I watch her tuck a thick strand of her curly brown hair behind her ear. She goes silent for a moment and rubs her stomach. Infertility must’ve taken a toll on her.

“Loïc and I talked about it for months and both of us were on the same page to have kids. When we took you in, it felt like you were all we had. All I had. It feels different to have another young one in the house for a change,”

“At least, you two won’t alone. I mean, you have each other.”

“They say love conquers all. Old Virgil is right.”

She closed her eyes, lifting her chin as she was going all the way back to when I was in their home and under their guidance. She opens them after having a memory lane moment.

“How young are you settling for?” I begin to ask.

“Oh, maybe at a toddler’s age. I want to be able to give them a good life. More on that, I have some news that you may or may not like,” she seethes through her teeth.

I feel my chest tighten when I suck in a breath, mentally preparing myself for what she’s going to say next.

“W-what is it?” I hesitantly question.

“It’s about your parents.”

“My parents? What the hell do they want?”

“They were looking for you. They thought that you were still living with us after all these years.” Aunt Yveline shifted uncomfortably on the couch.

I feel my blood boiling, ready to punch someone if I could. Frustrated, I stand up and walk around the living room with a fit of rage. I don’t want to reconnect my already damaged relationship with them after the shit they put me through. How can I just forget that? How can I even forgive them? I have a hunch that my mother is still going to be that same cold-hearted woman who failed to raise a little girl. Actually, she’s heartless. And my father is probably continuing to be in love with the illegal drug stash that he used to keep in my room.

“And what did you say to them?” I ask her, trying to control my temper.

She pushed her glasses up the bridge of her defined nose. “Loïc kept telling them that you don’t live here anymore and that you don’t wish to see them.”

“That’s good at least,” I sigh with relief, calming myself down for a change.

“But they’re pretty persistent now when it comes to you, Severine,” she informs me, “they’re going to be back.”

“It’s not like they were before,” I mumble.

“I know they’ve stirred you wrong in the past but sometimes you’ll have to talk to them sooner or later. You’ll gather some closure on the situation if you do.”

We’ll see about that!

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