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chapitre six

The next morning, the memories of last night felt like a dream but at the same time, it was so real. Oliver’s arm served as a pillow and I didn’t seem to find it unusual for us to stay out like this… mainly for him. I check the time on my watch and I shoot myself up off of him. It’s almost time for school! I turn to Oliver and frantically shake his arm to which he doesn’t budge until I inform him that we need to get ready for school. We rush to put on our clothes and thus a shower is needed but with what we have, I guess it’ll have to wait. I prefer to not have him be late for class.

Oliver is one of those people who likes to be punctual—sometimes.

“I can’t believe I lost track of time!” I try not to panic.

“It was my fault for bringing you out here and making you stay up late,”

I shake my head. “No, no, it’s– you know what? We’ll debate about it later!”

We tread as carefully but quickly as possible on the rooftop and on the ground in seconds flat. I plan out my excuse for my tardiness though I’ve never been late to school before so this could be a first for the both of us. As we drive through the city, I notice how hard Oliver is gripping the steering wheeling. His fingers tapping it in anticipation and not in the way he listens to his music most of the time. Usually, he’s disjointed with his sentences and the casual sweating palms are his biggest weakness when he’s like this. Yep! Definitely one of those people. Being on time is probably the last thing on my mind—if there are certain classes that I like to avoid.

Soon as Oliver and I make it onto campus with no time to spare, I’m at least thankful that there are some students still walking to their classes but it’s not enough to put him at ease.

“You can relax now. We made it back,” I assure him.

“It’s not that! It’s—” but he’s cut off by the presence of a girl in a mustard yellow sherpa.

Her short bobbed platinum blonde hair tends to hide her pearled earrings. The way Oliver is looking at her right now has nearly caught me off guard and I wonder if I should let him have this moment or let him know that he’s going to be late for class. Who is this girl by the way and why is he so fascinated by her?

“Hello? Oliver?” I waved my hand in front of his face then poked him on the shoulder. “Oliver!”

“Huh! What?!” He shook his head as if he was in some sort of trance.

“Where are you right now?”

“I’m here being poked and—” he checks the time— “running late for class so I got to go!”

In a flash, he grabs his backpack from his car and not realizing that the rim of the door was behind, the back of his head had smacked it. He swore underneath his breath before closing and running off. What the hell was that all about? Oliver had never mentioned having a crush on the girl with the yellow sherpa girl. She looked very intellectual… more than Vivianne is. Actually, he never even talked about her before at all. Maybe he was and I wasn’t just listening to him that time. Oliver and I talked about a lot of things and have never kept secrets from each other. I try not to think about it too much and grab my book bag then head off to class, not wanting to keep any of my professors waiting.

Throughout the teacher’s lecture, my mind is no longer focusing on the fact that we stayed out last night and I calmed down about running late for school but instead…. It’s on the girl again. Who is she? I start to get lost in my thoughts, bouncing my leg at a rapid pace. I got so spaced out that I didn’t feel a single tap on my shoulder the first time until I felt it again. My head shifts to the right, looking at the person who asked for my attention. I want to be in shock but not too surprised to know that the yellow sherpa girl that Oliver was staring at is in my class. Keeping my composure, I sat up straight and answered with a silent, “yes?”

“Excusez moi mademoiselle, but you’re tapping your pencil too loud and I can barely hear what the professor is saying,” she whispered.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.”

I turn back to my journal, trying to hide my deep shade of red. I can’t believe she was the girl that he was looking at. I guess I shouldn’t get too upset about this. I mean, we’re only just friends-with-benefits… and I haven’t made my confession yet. I had all that time last night to be upfront with him and it blew right past me.

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