Lovers to enemies to lovers

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Luna(you) falls in love with her friends brother. His name is Kai. Few months later he cheats on her with one of her friends. She finds another boyfriend when she gets these weird messages saying "BREAK UP WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND" and whispering in her ear. Find out what happens next in the story..

Romance / Drama
Irene (♡)
Age Rating:


Lovers to enemys to loves

Main characters:: Luna, 15, Main character. Kai, 17, Main character.

Other characters:: Ema, 16, Lunas bff. Julia, 15, Lunas friend. Layla, 16, Lunas friend. Ava, 15, Lunas friend. Amber, 15, Lunas friend. Axel, 18, Lunas brother. Mom, ???, mother of Luna and Axel. Jess, 20, Emas and Kais older sister. Aiden, 17, Lunas Ex boyfriend.

Signs and there meanings:: * = calling ” = talking

Warning:: Swearing is part of this


Characters that are no longer friends with Luna/Characters that were friends but now are no longer friends::

Layla:: find out what happens between luna and layla - chapter 5

Aiden:: Broke up with Luna for no reason - chapter 10. DOESNT EXPLAIN WHY HE BROKE UP WITH LUNA


Me being dumb dumb moments:: Actually wrote these.

“Guess who.. loves you.. nya na” - chapter 8

“nan ne meoli kkogdaegieseo chumchwo you dumb dumb” - chapter 1 (page your at)

“Me likey. Me likey likey likey” - chapter 9

Somewhere in the distanceeeeee - chapter 9

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