Lovers to enemies to lovers

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Its been 2 years and im over Aiden. He just broke up with me. Me and kai are now just friends. I have grew new feeling for "Not a chance! Im probably never going to date anyone ever again" "Why! All our boyfriends say you should" Plus your the one without a boyfriend in our friend group" I sighed "All right! Ill find someone i can date!" Ema hit her head with her palm. "I found someone you can already!" I looked at her confused "What who?" She saw Kai. She grabbed him by his arm and pulled him to us. "This person!" Kai tried to take Emas hand off him when he stopped. He stopped because he heard Ema say "You should date him!!" We were both shook. "Us?!" we both said. "We are probably not going to-" "I mean. You and Kai do look good together" Axel said. He looked at Ema and winked at her. I finally realized what going on with Axel and Ema. "Wait.. You guys are.. dating?!!" Kai looked at Ema. "What!? You didnt tell me!" Ema ran away. "You!" I chased Axel around. I chased Axel for 5 minuets and gave up. *Hey Julia! You wanna hangout?* *Sorry Luna! Im going on a date with Lewis* *Oh okay then. Have fun!* I called Ema *Hey Ema! You free?* *Nope im with Axel at a restaurant* *Oh. Okay then. Have a great time!* I called all my friends but they were either busy or out with someone. The only person i didnt call with kai tho. *Hey Luna! Whats up?* *Nothing really. I was just wondering if u were free to hangout!* *Oh yea im free! I can go to your place and we can hangout or we can go to a new cafe that just opened!* *Ooo cafe!* *Alright then Ill pick you up. Bye!* *Bye* I got changed and went outside. Kai came so we went. "Wow! Looks cute!!" "I knew you would like it" We sat down and ordered
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