Lovers to enemies to lovers

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Together again

We talked about things that happen when we didnt talk to each other. I got a text from Ema. its said "Look to your left" I looked to my left and saw Ema. "What are you looking at?" I looked back at Kai "Oh nothing" We talked a bit more. When we were about to go home i told him "Kai i like you!" I was about to say something else when he kissed me. "Yeaa! Luna and Kai!" I turned around. "You know Ema. Your annoying" I smiled at her like a psycho and chased her. 25 minuets later I go home and went sleep straight away. Its 4 in the morning and i wake up to the sound of my phone. Its a call from Aiden.. *Hey Luna!.. I know its 4am but i just want to say that im happy your with Kai again!* *Wait how do you know?* *Oh. Ema posted a video of a vlog on tour youtube and in the vlog is you and Kai kissing* I sighed. *She is a invader for privacy* *Yup. Anyways we have to sleep. Good night!* *Night* I hung up and went sleep. "Luna wake up! You slept through school!!" I woke up with a hand across my body. I looked behind me and saw Kai. "I knew i can wake you up like that!" I did a small laugh. "What time is it?" "3:09. You slept through school" "Why didnt you wake up early?" "Oh i think its because Aiden called me at 4 in the morning. He said that hes happy we got back together" They all looked at each other like what i said was a joke "Im being serious" I looked at Ema dead in the eyes. "He knows because of that bitch" She ran out the room and came back an hour later. "Cookie?" I took a cookie and held her collar. "You better edit that part from your vlog out" She looked nervous and said "Okay okay!" He ran to the other side of the bed "Your scary!!" We all laughed. I got changed and we all went out to a korean BBQ place. We had the best time there.

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