Lovers to enemies to lovers

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Playing truth or dare

"Luna!" My mom shouted. "Someone is here for you!" I went downstairs and saw my best friend with a boy. "Hey luna!" They both stepped in. "Who is he?" "Oh hes just my brother" "Oh ok" We went upstairs and started talking. "Luna! Your other friends came over!" "Send them up here!" They came up stairs and decided to play Truth or Dare. "Okay Luna. Truth or Dare" I wanted to do something weird or risky so i went for "Dare!" Layla breathed in and out "I dare you to kiss kai!" I was shocked. "You cant say no Luna!~" I sighed "Fine" Kai was sitting next to me so i didnt need to stand up or anything. I turned my head to kai and kissed him. "Okay my turn. Um. Kai. Truth or Dare?" "Truth" Really? Truth? Meh i didnt really ask any questions so i just went with it. "Is it true you have a girlfriend?" "Not anymore. But i do have someone i like in mind" He winked at me. "Dont think of dating her" I looked at my door and saw my brother. "Wanna play Axel" "Sure luna" He came in and sat down. "Also as i was passing the room i saw something that you shouldnt have done!" I knew that he was going to say that. Or something like that. "So what" Ava didnt want any argument to happen between me and brother so she just said "Okay! Kai is next!" We continued playing but every time me or kai had our turn Axel would always say something. "Im not going to play anymore! If Axel is going to say something every time Im about to have my turn then im not playing!" I walked out my room and went to the living room.

"You okay hun?" "No. Every time im about to say something Axel has to say something rude!" "Oh. Ill talk to Axel. Do you want anything to eat? I can order some food for you if you want" "Its alright. Ill just have bread or something" My mom went upstairs and told my friends to go down stairs for a moment. "You okay Luna?" "Yes. Im okay" "You sure?" I got mad and shouted "I said im fine!" I went outside and sat down.
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