Lovers to enemies to lovers

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Falling in love

I heard the door open so i looked at the door. It was kai. “Oh its just you” I looked back at my phone. “You want me go?” “Sure” he didnt go away he just sat down near me. “Ema recorded us kiss” “Okay” He took my phone away me. "Hey! Give my phone back!" I put his hand up high with my phone in his hand. I couldn't reach my phone so i just stood there. "Fine. Here you go" He gave me his phone instead so i took it. "Wait! Dont look at my messages!" "Why should i listen to you!" "Just dont" I didnt care so i looked at his messages. I saw a name that said `My baby` I pressed on the message and saw many `I love you babe` messages "You lied" He took his phone back and gave me my phone. "Why would you lie?" "She makes me sick. If i break up with her she will tell everyone in school a dumb rumor thats fake" "Whats wrong with a dumb rumor. People wont believe her" He looked at me like i was dumb. "People will believe her. She is popular which makes me popular to. People will believe her since she is popular" "Ohh okay" We sat down for and started talking for a while. He said really interesting things that made me fall in love with him. me and Kai got a notification on our phones. We both opened it and saw a post on Instagram. It was me and Kai kissing. "That little brat!" I was going to go inside and talk to her when Kai held my wrist to stop me. Kai started counting down from 3 "3..2..1.." Ema came out. "Already 6k people saw my post! Please are saying that you guys should date!" I looked at her like a crazy person "Us? Date?" Kai let go of my wrist. "Yes! Date!" "Umm" "Kai why dont you date her then!"

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