Lovers to enemies to lovers

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Dating already?!

Kai looked to his left and saw his girlfriend. “Alright” he got up and i looked behind me. He kissed me. “Your actually going to date her Kai?” “What do you think ema?” I looked shocked. “Whoa whoa whoa. I didnt really agree with this yet kai” He look back at me “Would you date me” He winked at me “Okay okay! Ill date you!” I looked at his ex girlfriend. “Wow babe! Your going to cheat on me now!” He laughed “It isnt cheating. Its called breaking up” She started crying and ran away. Everyone that was inside of my house came outside. “We heard crying! What happen?” “What happen is that you missed the best thing!” They look confused. “Why are you holding my sisters hand! Are you guys.. Dating!” I let go of Kais hand but he didnt let go “Let go of her hand! Or else someone is going to-” “Axel! Just let them be!” My mom took axel inside with her when Kai shouted “We are dating!” Everyone looked at us even Axel. They looked shocked. “I recorded the whole thing!” As always. Ema always records interesting things. We went inside to see the video. “Why did you lie about the `do you have a girlfriend` thing?” “Just wanted to” I just told them instead “He lied because She makes him sick. If he break up with her she will tell everyone in school a dumb rumor thats fake. People will believe her since she is popular and the school only believes popular people like his Ex. There said it for you" "Ooooh okay" Ema stood up and ran to Kai "You lied to me!!" She started hitting Kai. Me and Layla stopped Ema. "Kai. say sorry that you lied to Ema" "She has to say it first" "Kai just say sorry!" "Alright! Sorry for lying Ema!" "Sorry for hitting you"

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