Lovers to enemies to lovers

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ending the relationship

Its been 1 month with Kai. We had many small fights but we are still okay. *Hey Kai!* *Hey baby! Whats up?* *Nothing really. I just wanna know if you can go out today. We havent been out together in 3 weeks* *I know i keep saying i will hangout with you but im really busy* *Busy with what! You always say your busy!* I hung up and called Ema. *Hey Ema!* *Hi! I thought you where with Kai* *What do you mean? Im not with Kai* *Wait what.. He said he was going to see you though..* *Ill call you back..* I hung up and put my shoes on. I knew a place where Kai loves so i went there. “Hiya! Luna right?” “Yup! Im looking for someone called kai. Have you seen him?” “Oh yes! Kai was with another girl called.. Layla” “Layla?! Which door did they go through!” “They asked for a private room Luna..” Why did they want a private room.. “Please tell me what private room they are in!” “You wouldnt want to go in Luna!” “I dont care if hes mad!” “Alright.. Hes in room 010” I went in and saw Kai and layla about to kiss. “You said you were fucking busy!” Kai and layla looked at me “This is what you call busy! Cheating! Why did i trust you..” “Luna! Kai forced me to kiss him!” “Dont fucking lie layla. And dont fucking talk me bitch..” I was about to leave the room when Kai stopped me. We got into a fight. “Its all your fault bitch..” I left and called my brother *Axel can u pick me from Unique Night..* *Sure but why are you there?* I started crying and hung up. Axel came in his car. "Luna! Why are you crying!" "I should've taken your advice.." He held my wrist and walked in. He talked to the girl at the front who told me the door number Kai was in. She told him the number to the room and walked to the door. I stopped him because i didnt want to go back in there. He kept forcing me so i just went with him. "Why would you make her cry!"
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