Lovers to enemies to lovers

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Having a fight

“Ask me why is she cry!” “She walked in and hit her head that what” Kai took me by my other hand and tried to take me out of the room. “You were cheating. I didnt hit my head! If i did then why dont i have blood or a bump or a red spot there!” My brother looked furious. "I wasnt cheating!" I got a call from Ema. *Did you find Kai Luna?* *Yea..* There was screaming in the background. *Everything alright i hear screaming!* *Everything is alri-* Kai hung up on us. "Why would you do that! I was just talking to Ema!" "If she knows about this then she would go crazy!" "I dont care!!" I texted Ema where we were at. Kai tried to stop me from telling Ema where i was. "Why would you tell her?!" "Why should i listen to you!" Few minuets later Ema arrived. "Dont. Touch. Her!" We all had a big fight. "Your not going anywhere Layla!" "Dont tell me what to do or where to go bitch!" I walked up the Layla and pointed at her saying "Im not the bitch here.. You are" Kai came up to me and hit me. "Your the fucking bitch" "Kai! I thought you promised Jess told you not to hit a girl.." "Maybe i lied" I walked to Axels car and waited for him. 20 minuets later Kai come and says. "Your a fucking bitch. If you didnt come in then everything would be fine!" He walked off on his own when Layla came. "I know we arent friends anymore.. Now that i saw that i feel like hes going to hurt me or something. You dont need to suffer anymore" She smiled and ran to Kai. "Hey can i come with you guys? I dont think Kai is going to leave me alone in that house.." "Sure Ema. You can stay if you want" "Ill stay with you guys"

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