Lovers to enemies to lovers

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Whispering and messages..

Few months have gone by. Me and Kai are over. We blocked each other on every app we have. I found a new boyfriend called Aiden. "Happy birthday Luna" "Its not my birthday yet Julia. Its in 2 days" "I know i just wanted to say that" I saw Aiden coming to us. "Hey Lulu!" "Whos lulu? Are you? Cheating on Luna?!" I laughed "No silly! He gave me that name! He now calls me that" "Oh okay!" He sat down beside me. "What happen to the others?" "I.. do not know!" I looked at her weirdly "Oh alright then" We started talking until the bell went. I got up and went to my class but before i did i got pulled. Someone covered my eyes and whispered in my ear. "Break up with Aiden.." They pushed me back. I ran through the halls to see where they went and who it could be when i ran into Kai. "Hi Lu-" I walked away from him. I got a notification. A message from a unknown person. It said "Break up with Aiden.." I ignored the message and went to class. I tried not to think much about it. After class i went around the school trying to find out who pulled me. As I was I got pulled again. "Stop dating Aiden.." I tried to take the hand off of my eyes but it didnt work. They pushed me back again. I ran all over the school just to find the person who pulled me. I found Aiden and told him what was happening. At first he didnt believe me but i showed him the message i was sent. 2 minuets of telling aiden what is happening i get another text from the same person saying "Get away from Aiden and date me instead!.."
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