Lovers to enemies to lovers

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Im scared

Its been 2 days and the same thing has been happening. They keep following me. But it hasn't today so far. I walked up to my house to see every window blinded. I unlocked my door and couldnt see anything. It was dark so i used my phone light to see where the switch was. I found the switch and turned on the lights. "Happy birthday!" My whole family was there even my friends! I heard foot steps behind me and was about to look back but my eyes where covered. "Guess who it is!" "Umm. Cameron? Oh wait Aiden!" He took his hand off my eyes. "Yep!" I turned around and hugged him. Behind him i saw a man in full black. I Stopped hugging him and closed the door. "Why did you close the door? The children were going to play outside" I looked out the window to see the person still there. "Luna you okay? No one is outside" I went to Aiden and pulled him to the kitchen. I closed the door. "Please help Aiden! She or him is outside!" "Whoa who is?" "Its the person who keeps following me! The person who sent me messages saying to break up with you! The person who keeps pulling me away and keeps whispering in my ear! Its them!!" I looked out the window away. "They are out there!" Aiden pulled me away from the window. "Its okay. He wont come near you since im going to be with you the whole time" There was a knock at the door. The door opened and it was my brother Axel. "You okay Luna? Whenever Aiden comes you take him somewhere and close the door. Is something bothering you? If something is then you can always tell me" "Its alright Axel-" "No nothing is okay! There is a person in black following me everywhere! They keep pulling me away and whispering in my ear! They keep sending me messages!"

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