Lovers to enemies to lovers

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The plan

I explained everything to Axel and he believed me. We went to my room and thought of something to stop this person. "Okay if the person follows Luna everywhere then why dont we follow him!" Me and Axel looked at Aiden confused. "Like let Luna be on her own with the person following her and me and Axel follow Luna but behind the person thats following her" "Oh! Okay!" We went downstairs and in the living room. "You okay Luna? You seemed scared of sad about something earlier" "Yeah im alright. I just-" "She just had something bothering her" "Yea!" Me, Axel and Aiden went out with a few of my older cousins. "Hey you guys go. Me and Aiden are going somewhere real quick" I told Axel that it would be fine and that Aiden could do it alone. "You sure Luna?" I nodded and turned left to the other road. I saw the person following me. I stopped and turned on my phone to text Aiden. I sent him a text saying "Do it now!" I heard a sharp but muffled scream and turned around. I ran to the person that followed me and took their hood and mask off. "Kai?.. Why would you follow me?" "I love you! I broke up with layla because she was cheating on me" "Well I dont like yo at all!" I held Aidens hand and started to walk to the where my cousins would be. Kai started following and kept saying how much he loved me. "Please! Luna! Give me a chance!" I saw my cousins and started to walk fast. "Luna please!" I started to get annoyed and shouted "Just accept the fact that i hate you! I hate you forever! I wouldnt want to date you again! You ruined my birthday today!" My cousins looked back and saw me and Aiden. Kai started crying and ran away somewhere. Aiden hugged me to make me calm. My cousins started asking questions. We went back home. "Okay Luna what happen!" I explained everything to them so they didnt have to annoy me.

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