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Oh My Love|Book#2||Sample|

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Emily Rue Kain is a married woman to a heartless and cold husband. But when she was eighteen years old she had met a sweet and caring man. Instead of the cold one. She's eighteen and she's met a man named Martin James Kain, the son of a billionaire. And rumor has it, son and heir of the leader and king of the scariest Mafia. But Emily is naive. She doesn't know him AT ALL! _____________________________________________ This story is about Marty and Em before Oh No No No. This is about their 7 YEARS of marriage. Before she ran away!!! They both are eighteen. Love ya! Book 1~Oh No No No!(Present book) Book 2~ Oh My Love!(Past book) Past! Peace out✌️ NOT EDITED!!! @peace2024 Book on wattpad

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Annoucment& chapter: I was late


Once upon a time, even the devil had a heart. Even HE had a heart once. He had friends, he had love, he had me. But now it's different.

But it was so different back then as well.

My name is Emily Rue Kain, and I...I fell in love with man I do not know anymore...

It was a rainy day, I had to drive and I was stuck in traffic. Hence I was late...

I wished I wasn't...


The car stopped as I stepped on the brakes. I locked the car, grabbing my purple schoolbag and ran inside the doors of the school. Ran across the slippery hallways of the school and stopped at the attendence office. I knocked and Mr. Brown opened the door to much of his surprise he saw me.
"Emily?! Are you late? Are you wet?" I nodded.
"There was a lot of traffic, Sir." I muttered.
"Come on in then. I'll get you a ticket. It'll effect your grades, but not too much. Don't worry about that." He patted my shoulder and I entered the rosy smelled office.

I saw a boy with dark hair and hazelnut eyes sitting and crouching after he saw me. I shook my thoughts and sat across him.

We looked at eachother and I looked away. Mr. Brown came out with a pink ticket.
"Give this to your teacher. Excuse it before next Monday." He said. I nodded and took the ticket and left the office. Before I did, I heard Mr. Brown talk to the boy.
"Fifth time you're tardy, Mr. Kain. What do I tell your parents?" He asked.
"How about nothing?" He backfired.

And I hurried to my class.

I reached AP calculus in time and sat down at my assigned chair. The teacher kept talking and I listened to every word.

After AP calculus I went to AP physics and did my end of term project. Alone if I may.

I was a odd student and people didn't like me much.

I did it and finished in one day and went to math. I wanted to do math and physics and all STEM classes this year.

Then I went to English 12 H and started doing my end of term essay about Drinking & Driving.

I finished that up and stood up for lunch. I ate a double cheese pizza with peaches and chocolate milk and water.

I finished up and opened my locker. I got my chemistry and Geology books with Biology as well. I got my US history books as well.

I went to chemistry and did my chemical project with a few others.

Went to Geology and took a test. Then Biology and I leave red about plants and their roots.

US History and I read through a text and wrote a paper about with extra research due today!

I waited for people that were too crazy to get out in rush hour. I sat in my car and I texted my mom. Madeline Rue. My beautiful mother.

Mama: Are you safe? What happened?

She asked. She worries too much. She literally what he's her phone if I'm texting or not. Protective much. I didn't get a older protective brother but I got a mother alright.

Me: I'm alright, Mama. I'll just go to Starbucks to get myself something and then go to VASA fitness.

I told her.


She's writing.

Mama: Be safe, Emmy. Got it?

Me: Yes, Mama! I'll be fine. 👍

Mama: Okay. Get home before eight, okay?

Me: Yes.

I reversed my car and exited the parking lot of the school and headed for Starbucks.

Got a Mocha Milkshake and a Caramel Crumble Frappe.

I entered the VASA fitness center and gave the milkshake to Ernie. He loves them. But sadly he can't drive for two weeks. He thanks me and I nod in welcome.

I drink my frappe and enter the class of High Fitness.

Jump, cross, hop, high knee and burpee.

I kept on doing it for a while before they changed it again.

Burpee, burpee, high knee, jump, jumping jacks.

I left the center all sweaty. I drove home and parked and entered the cool temperature house and went for a cold shower.

After my shower I ate dinner. Mac 'n cheese with orange get juice and milk. Went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my daily night routine and fell asleep.

That was my Monday.

Honestly speaking, I liked boring useless days a lot. Maybe that's why I fell in love with Martin James Kain.

Maybe that's why I have a life like this...

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