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The Bad Things

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After the death of her husband, Abigail returns to her hometown with her toddler. Abigail swore off all men, but an unexpected familiar guy walks back into Abigail's life. As crazy as the guy is, she can't help but fall into a trance over him. Is Abigail imagining things, or is he truly the right man for her? Betrayal, lust, love, tears, and blood that is what romance is made of. A tight-knit family is put to the test as secrets unfold and their lives spin out of control, but it's not what you think. Is this really the end of all the bad things?

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My mother always told me not to play with fire, but how could I not when that fire burned inside of me? The closer I got, the hotter it burned. The fire burned my insides and melted the heart that I once believed to be frozen. If it’s wrong, why does it feel so right?
How could a heart break and be fixed to shine? He made it beat again, that cold heart of mine. Love isn’t kind; it’s cruel. Love isn’t honest; it’s a lie. But the bad things he did to me made me put everything else aside.

Love is blind, or so they say, let him blind me; it’ll be okay. In the morning, I should leave, but I know that I will stay because he made me feel a different way.

I made a vow to hate all men, but he made it impossible. His intentions were pure. I saw it in his eyes. He couldn’t do any wrong, not in my eyes. How could anyone expect me to tell him goodbye?

The fire rippled through my chest. I couldn’t control it, not even at my best. Lord help me. I think there is something wrong with me. This devilish boy is doing bad things to me. Mom said, don’t play with fire, and lord knows I tried not to, but the only one who can put it out is this boy I’ve grown attached to. From friends to lovers, as we snuck under the covers.

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