The Bad Things

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My heart raced in a way that it never did before. All I could think about is what would happen if a vehicle struck that little girl. There wasn’t time to speak or think, not in situations such as these.

Horns blared as I sprinted out into traffic. I realized that this little girl and her mother turned me into an addict. Not the type that did drugs, I craved little things from them, such as kisses and hugs.

In a matter of seconds, I saw what truly mattered. Not me or any of them idiot bikers, and I didn’t care what happened to me after.

As long as Stormy and her mother are safe, I’ll take what I get. I guess that’s fate.

I always believed I would never do anything great until that day. I grabbed Stormy and threw her out of the way.

The car struck me, but I didn’t care. After all those years, I finally got what I deserved. After what I did, I didn’t deserve happiness. We were happy, even if for a short time, but that’s it for me. That’s the end of the line. I couldn’t imagine a better reason to die.

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