Her Truth

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He left her......she tries finding him......she chooses her path, but this time without him in it.......follow her story and see the brave, strong girl everyone, not just her, can be.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“NO” I scream as I run after him. How could he leave me, I need him. He presses on the gas and drives away. I fall to the ground crying, my hands covering my face. I don’t pay attention to the pebbles cutting my knees, or that it has started to rain. I am so lost in grief, my heart breaking slowly in two.

I am not sure how long I stayed in the parking lot just crying, but my next memorie is being rushed to the ER. I hear voices, and there are many questions being thrown my way, but I can’t seem to hear or answer any.

There are like 4 nurses around me, all of them asking questions or screaming for help. I can’t see or feel any injuries or pain. All I can feel is the pain that came with him leaving me. The last thing I saw before blacking out again was a bright light shining on my face.

“How is she?”

“I am not sure, the doctors haven’t told me anything”

“I hope she is better, when I came in and saw her, my heart broke”

“How bad is it?”

“Her whole face and right side was burned and bleeding”

“Oh god, when can we go in and see her?”

“I am not sure”

I whimper hearing them talking about me. I am not sure who they are but they seem to know who I am. I look around seeing my surroundings. There is a window that is covered, a table in the corner accompanied with a chair, and a little bedside table with a drink and pills.

I grab the pills and swallow them in one gulp. I close my eyes but the moment I do the memories come back. I see his face, his eyes regretting it the second he said it, yet he went through with it. His adam’s apple moving as he swallows his regret down.

My eyes immediately fly open and I find myself looking at a pair of brown, kind eyes looking back at me. There is a small sliver of green on the outside, going into a honey-light brown color on the inside before the pupil takes over.

“Are you ok?” He asks and damn his voice gives me shivers. I give him a quick nod and look away. Why does his voice remind me so much of him? Everywhere I go, something has to remind me of him, and my heart brakes all over again. Even though it has only been what- a day or so, I still feel lost without him by my side.

“I asked the doctors and they said I can take you home by tomorrow,” my head whips in his direction when I hear that. I stare at him and I realize he is Liam’s friend. My eyes water and I look away. Did Liam send him? If so why didn’t he come himself, I am so gonna make him pay for putting me through all this.

“Did Liam send you?” I finally asked. Logan looks at me, his eyes giving me the answer. I look away, now I am not just pissed, I feel betrayed and broken. Does he hate me or something? What have I ever done to make him feel like I am not worth his time?

“Is he ok at least?” I ask.

“Yeah he is ok, he misses you but he knows it’s for the better,” He says. I nod, my eyes watering again. Logan gets up and walks over to the window. He has gotten better looking and I can tell he has been working on himself. He is buff, but also slime enough that it doesn’t make him look scary or anything.

I look away as I hear a knock on the door. A female doctor no more than 20 or 21 years old comes in and she stops in her tracks when she sees Logan. I start laughing when I see Logan’s face, he looks horrified.

“Oh uh…..here,” She trusts more pills in my hand and a cup of water in my other hand before running out of the door and leaving. I can’t stop laughing afterwards. Logan gives me an annoyed look but smiles anyways.

“That was a great show,” I say, popping the pills into my mouth and swallowing them with a gulp of water. Logan shakes his head but I can tell he found it funny as well. Logan has a good, funny side to him that you won’t get to see unless you have earned his trust.

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